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Edwin Percy Whipple

Every author, indeed, who really influences the mind, who plants in it thoughts an sentiments which take root and grow, communicates his character. Error and immorality - two words for one thing, for error is the immorality of the intellect, and immorality the error of the heart - these escape from him if they are in him, and pass into the recipient mind through subtle avenues invisible to consciousness.

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Nikolai Berdyaev, fully Nikolai Alexandrovich Berdyaev, also spelled Nichlas Berdiaev

All mysticism teaches that the depths of man are more than human, that in them lurks a mysterious contact with God and with the world. The true escape from oneself, form one’s self-imprisonment and separation from the world, is hidden within one’s own self, rather than outside.

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Book of Li, aka Book of Rites or Record of Rites or Classic Rites NULL

When you find wealth within your reach, do not try to get it by improper means; when you meet with calamity, do not (try to) escape from it by improper means. Do not seek for victory in small contentions; do not seek for more than your proper share. Do not positively affirm what you have doubts about; and (when you have no doubts) do not let what you say appear (simply) as your own view.

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Thomas Wolfe, fully Thomas Clayton Wolfe

Is not this the true romantic feeling - not to desire to escape life, but to prevent life from escaping you?

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Nels F. S. Ferré, fully Nels Fredrick Solomon Ferré

A person [man] who experiences no genuine satisfaction in life does not want peace. People court war to escape meaninglessness and boredom to be relieved of fear and frustration.

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Walter Farrell

Loneliness is a game of pretense, for the essential loneliness is an escape from an inescapable God.

God | Loneliness |

Erich Fromm, fully Erich Seligmann Fromm

In our effort to escape from aloneness and powerlessness, we are ready to get rid of our individual self either by submission to new forms of authority or by a compulsive conforming to accepted patterns.

Authority | Effort | Individual | Self | Submission |

Os Guiness

There’s a moment when the choice to act moves beyond a discussion of motives, for even an awareness of our own motives can become a form of necessity that lets our responsibility off the hook. And the moment of faith is a moment when no part of us is excused. With no ifs, no buts, no conditions, no escape clauses, all we are is challenged to rise to the choice and shoulder the responsibility for our answer.

Awareness | Choice | Discussion | Faith | Motives | Necessity | Responsibility | Awareness |

Roger W. Heyns

Zealotry is often, it seems to me - a fundamentalism is just one form of it - an escape from anxiety. If you’re really scared, then the simple answer is going to be better than the complicated answer.

Anxiety | Anxiety | Better |

Thomas Jefferson

Those who labor on the earth are the chosen people of God, if ever he had a chosen people, whose breasts he has made his peculiar deposit for substantial and genuine virtue. It is the focus in which he keeps alive that sacred fire, which otherwise might escape from the face of the earth.

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Susan Jeffers

We cannot escape fear. We can only transform it into a companion that accompanies us on all our exciting adventures.

Fear |

John E. Large, fully John Ellis Large

Not many men may be willing to die for love these days. But you can’t escape the fact that millions are dying daily for the very lack of it.

Love | Men |

Thomas Merton

The only true joy on earth is to escape from the prison of our own false self, and enter by love into union with the Life Who dwells and sings within the essence of every creature and in the core of our own souls.

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Abraham Lincoln

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.

Responsibility | Tomorrow |

Gamel Abdel Nasser

The age of isolation is gone. And gone are the days in which barbed wire served as demarcation lines, separating and isolating countries from one another. No country can escape looking beyond its boundaries to find the source of the currents which influence how it can live with others.

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Fritz A. Rothschild

Everything holds the great secret. For it is the inescapable situation of all being to be involved in the infinite mystery. We may continue to disregard the mystery, but we can neither deny nor escape it. The world is something we apprehend but cannot comprehend.

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Alan Saporta

The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it.

Shantideva NULL

Eager to escape sorrow, men rush into sorrow; from desire of happiness they blindly slay their own happiness, enemies to themselves.

Desire | Men | Sorrow | Happiness |

David Andrew Seaman

We never escape our minds.