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William Penn

God is better served in resisting a temptation to evil than in many formal prayers.

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Plotinus NULL

For most or even all forms of evil serve the Universe - much as the poisonous snake has it use - though in most cases their function is unknown. Vice itself has many useful sides: it brings about much that is beautiful, in artistic creations for example, and it stirs us to thoughtful living, not allowing us to drowse in security.

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Tai-shang Kan-Ying Pien (Treatise of the Exalted One on Response and Retribution) NULL

The recompense of good and evil follows as the shadow follows the figure.

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Publius Syrus

Even when there is no law, there is conscience... An evil conscience is often quiet, but never secure.

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Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Do to others as you would have them do unto you, inspires all men with that other maxim of natural goodness, much less perfect indeed, but perhaps more useful: Do good to yourself with as little evil as possible to others.

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Publius Syrus

What greater evil could you wish a miser, than long life?

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Publius Syrus

The evil that lies concealed is always the most serious.

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Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Luxury, which cannot be prevented among men who are tenacious of their own convenience and of the respect paid them by others, soon completes the evil society had begun, and, under the pretense of giving bread to the poor, whom it should never have made such, impoverishes all the rest, and sooner or later depopulates the State.

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Joseph Raz

The rule of law is essentially a negative value. The law inevitably creates a great danger of arbitrary power - the rule of law is designed to minimize the danger created by the law itself. Similarly, the law may be unstable, obscure, retrospective, etc., and thus infringe people’s freedom and dignity. The rule of law is designed to prevent his danger as well. Thus the rule of law is a negative virtue in two senses: conformity to it does not cause good except through avoiding evil and the evil which is avoided is evil which could only have been caused by the law itself.

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Francis Quarles

The road to resolution lies by doubt.

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John A. Sanford, aka Jack

Jung said the truth of the matter is that the shadow is ninety percent gold. Whatever has been repressed holds a tremendous amount of energy, with a great positive potential. So the shadow, no matter how troublesome it may be, is not intrinsically evil. The ego, in its refusal of insight and its refusal to accept the entire personality, contributes much more to evil than the shadow.

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