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Waldemar Argow, fully Wendelin Waldemar Wieland Argow

Religion is a hunger for beauty and love and glory. It is wonder and the mystery and majesty, passion and ecstasy. It is emotion as well as mind, feeling as well as knowing, the subjective as well as the objective. It is the heart soaring to heights the head alone will never know; the apprehension of meanings science alone will never find; the awareness of values ethics alone will never reveal. It is the human spirit yearning for, and finding, something infinitely greater than itself which it calls God.

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John Welwood

Relationship as a path leads us on a journey of the heart - which involves becoming more fully human, more available to life as a whole. Intimate relationships are ideally suited as this kind of path because they inspire our heart to open, while at the same time showing us where we are most stuck.

Character | Heart | Journey | Life | Life | Relationship | Time |

William Warburton

Of all exercises there are none of so much importance, or so immediately our concern, as those which let us into the knowledge of our own nature. Others may exercise the understanding or amuse the imagination; but these only can improve the heart and form the human mind to wisdom.

Character | Heart | Imagination | Knowledge | Mind | Nature | Understanding | Wisdom |

John H. Aughey, fully John Hill Aughey

Sensual pleasures are like soap bubbles, sparkling effervescent. The pleasures of intellect are calm, beautiful, sublime and ever enduring.

Wisdom | Intellect |

Horace Traubel

Have I met the hour patiently, without fear, at the portal? Now is my name called, of the lip of my love has spoken: Do I mistake you, O divine Signaler? is it after all some other soul that is hailed. My self is my answer: there’s that in my heart responds, meeting the call with equal voice, establishing forever the unspeakable bond! Bond that does not bind - bond that frees - bond that discovers and bestows. Look! I am flushed with inexhaustible possessions! The old measures vanish, I am expanded to infinite sweep... Before birth, seeing birth, after life seeing life!... This minute grown infinite, the far worlds spread before me, the endless drift of soul...

Birth | Character | Fear | Heart | Life | Life | Love | Mistake | Possessions | Self | Soul | Old |

Francis Wayland

It is by what we ourselves have done, and not by what others have done for us, that we shall be remembered after ages. It is by thought that has aroused the intellect from its slumbers, which has given luster to virtue and dignity to truth, or by those examples which have inflamed the soul with the love of goodness.

Character | Dignity | Love | Soul | Thought | Truth | Virtue | Virtue | Intellect | Thought |

Gamaliel Bailey

Any heart turned God-ward, feels more joy in one short hour of prayer, than e'er was raised by all the feasts on earth since its foundation.

Earth | God | Heart | Joy | Prayer | Wisdom |

Honoré de Balzac

Hope is the better half of courage. Hope has it not sustained the work, and given the fainting heart time and patience to outwit the chances and changes of life.

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Henri Bergson, aka Henri-Louis Bergson

Some other faculty than the intellect is necessary for the apprehension of reality.

Reality | Wisdom | Intellect |

Eugene P. Bertin, fully Eugene Peter Bertin

Learning is the heart of life - the mystical power that turns a word into a sign, a look into a smile, a house into a home, and a people into a civilization.

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George Washington Barrow or Barrows

Nothing of worth or weight can be achieved with half a mind, with a faint heart and with lame endeavor.

Heart | Mind | Nothing | Wisdom | Worth |

Bible or The Bible or Holy Bible NULL

The mouth of a wise man is in his heart; the heart of a fool is in his mouth.

Heart | Man | Wisdom | Wise |

Babylonian Talmud

He who is loud in his prayers is short in his faith... He who prays must direct his heart to heaven.

Faith | Heart | Heaven | Wisdom |

Bernard Baruch, fully Bernard Mannes Baruch

Whatever task you undertake, do it with all your heart and soul. Always be courteous, never be discouraged. Beware of him who promises something for nothing. Do not blame anybody for your mistakes and failures. Do not look for approval except the consciousness of doing your best.

Blame | Consciousness | Heart | Nothing | Soul | Wisdom | Approval |

Bible or The Bible or Holy Bible NULL

Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

Heart | Will | Wisdom |

Ludwig Börne, fully Karl Ludwig Börne

It is not the mind, it is the heart that makes free.

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