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"Wine is like anger, for it makes us strong, blind and impatient, and it leads us wrong; the strength is quickly lost; we feel the error long." -

"Error is a supposition that pleasure and pain, that intelligence, substance, life, are existent in matter. Error is neither Mind nor one of Mind's faculties. Error is the contradiction of Truth. Error is a belief without understanding. Error is unreal because untrue. It is that which stemma to be and is not. If error were true, its truth would be error, and we should have a self-evident absurdity namely, erroneous truth. Thus we should continue to lose the standard of Truth." - Mary Baker Eddy

"Truth is immortal; error is mortal." - Mary Baker Eddy

"The majority of people are naturally straddlers. They are not in the world to pioneer but to be as happy as possible. If pioneering in a cause brings discomfort, they would rather not be among the pioneers. they would rather stand on the sidelines and, in the combat between truth and error, wait and see which proves the stronger. Though they may have a lazy faith that truth at last will win, they do not wish to lend a premature support." - Henry Ford

"From error to error one discovers the entire truth." - Sigmund Freud, born Sigismund Schlomo Freud

"Whatever humans have learned had to be learned as a consequence only of trial and error experience. Humans have learned only through mistakes." - Buckminster Fuller, fully Richard Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller

"An error gracefully acknowledged is a victory won." - Caroline Leigh Smith Gascoigne

"Obstinacy in opinions holds the dogmatist in the chains of error, without hope of emancipation." - Joseph Glanvill

"It is easier to perceive error than to find truth, for the former lies on the surface and is easily seen, while the later lies in the depth, where few are willing to search for it." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Nothing is more damaging to a new truth than an old error." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Obstinacy in opinions hold the dogmatist in the chains of error, without hope of emancipation." - John Cartaret Carteret, 1st Earl Granville

"Never let your love for your profession overshadow your religious feeling. Depend on it that religion will strengthen, not weaken, your energies, and will not only make you a better sailor, but a superior man. Professional studies are not to be neglected; but, on the other hand, take care how you fall into the common error of believing they are the remedy for all the ills of life." - Benjamin R. Haydon

"Leisure is the mother of philosophy... The source of every crime , is some defect of the understanding; or some error in reasoning; or some sudden force of the passions... And the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short." - Thomas Hobbes

"A philosopher, who purposes only to represent the common sense of mankind in more beautiful and more engaging colors, if by accident he falls into error, goes not farther; but renewing his appeal to common sense, and the natural sentiments of the; mind, returns into the right path, and secures himself from any dangerous illusions." - David Hume

"It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself." - Thomas Jefferson

"It is a common error, and the greater and more mischievous for being so common, to believe that repentance best becomes and most concerns dying men. Indeed, what is necessary every hour of our life is necessary in the hour of death too, as long as one lives he will have need of repentance, and therefore it is necessary in the hour of death too; but he who hath constantly exercised himself in it in his health and vigor, will do it with less pain in his sickness and weakness; and he who hath practiced it all his life, will do it with more ease and less perplexity in the hour of his death." -

"Wealth is nothing in itself; it is not useful but when it departs from us; its value is found only in that which it can purchase. As to corporeal enjoyment, money can neither open new avenues of pleasure, nor block up the passages of anguish. Disease and infirmity still continue to torture and enfeeble, perhaps exasperated by luxury, or promoted by softness. With respect to the mind, it has rarely been observed that wealth contributes much to quicken the discernment or elevate the imagination, but may, by hiring flattery, or laying diligence asleep, confirm error and harden stupidity." -

"When the most insignificant person tells us we are in error, we should listen, and examine ourselves, ands see if it is so. To believe it possible we may be in error, is the first step toward getting out of it." - Johann Kaspar Lavater

"How full of error is the judgment of mankind! They wonder at results when they are ignorant of the reasons." - Metastasio, aka Pietro Petastasio, pseudonymn for Pietro Antonio Domenico Trapassi NULL

"O, how full of error is the judgment of mankind. They wonder at results when they are ignorant of the reasons. They call it fortune when they know not the cause, and thus worship their own ignorance changed into a deity." - Metastasio, aka Pietro Petastasio, pseudonymn for Pietro Antonio Domenico Trapassi NULL

"Truth is always twins; for every truth is accompanied by its facsimile error - which is the application of that by literal-minded people." - Christopher Morley, fully Christopher Darlington Morley

"The biggest error we can make is not to love our Self." - Muktananda, fully Swami Muktananda NULL

"A very popular error - having the courage of one's convictions: rather it is a matter of having the courage for an attack upon one's convictions." -

"We know that the wages of secrecy are corruption. We know that in secrecy, error undetected will flourish and subvert." - Robert Oppenheimer, fully Julius Robert Oppenheimer

"Error is but the shadow of the truth." - Edward Stillingfleet

"Research teaches a man to admit he is wrong and to be proud of the fact that he does so, rather than try with all his energy to defend an unsound plan because he is afraid that admission of error is a confession of weakness when rather it is a sign of strength." - H. E. Stocher

"Truth only is prolific. Error, sterile in itself, produces only by means of the portion of truth which it contains. It may have offspring, but the life which it gives, like that of the hybrid races, cannot be transmitted." - Madame Swetchine, fully Anne Sophie Swetchine née Sophia Petrovna Soïmonov or Soymanof

"Obscurity is the realm of error." -

"In all science error precedes the truth, and it is better it should go first than last." - Hugh Walpole, fully Sir Hugh Seymour Walpole

"Every author, indeed, who really influences the mind, who plants in it thoughts an sentiments which take root and grow, communicates his character. Error and immorality - two words for one thing, for error is the immorality of the intellect, and immorality the error of the heart - these escape from him if they are in him, and pass into the recipient mind through subtle avenues invisible to consciousness." - Edwin Percy Whipple

"An error is more dangerous in proportion to the degree of truth which it contains." - Henri Frédéric Amiel

"Error, falsehood, evil are cosmic powers, but relative in their nature, not absolute, since they depend for existence upon the perversion or contradiction of their opposites, and are not like truth and good, self-existing absolutes, inherent aspects of the Supreme Self-Existent." -

"The great error of the doctrines on the spirit has been the idea that by isolating the spiritual life from all the rest, by suspending it in space as high as possible above the earth, they were placing it beyond attack, as if they were not thereby simply exposing it to be taken as an effect of mirage!" - Henri Bergson, aka Henri-Louis Bergson

"If I err in my belief that the souls of men are immortal, I err gladly, and I do not wish to lose so delightful an error." -

"Is it not Satan’s sophism for all time when he says to Eve: “You will be like God, knowing good and evil!” To possess all the light, you must also possess all the darkness! To “know life,” you must have abused it. To attain truth, you must experienced error." -

"Both sin and sickness are error, and Truth is their remedy." - Mary Baker Eddy

"Do we not learn from suffering? Yes, often; and some people will learn only in that way; but we still learn by overcoming and not by encouraging or accepting the negative thing. The man who accepts his trouble “with resignation” is not learning; he is steeping himself in more error." - Emmet Fox

"While all complain of our ignorance and error, everyone exempts himself." -

"It is in our personal relations with other persons, and with other forms of unity which are independent of ourselves as mere individuals, that we become aware of the personality of God. The fact that man is subject to error does not belie the fact that it is in the search after truth that the presence of God in man is revealed." -

"Truth is more ancient than error, for error is nothing else but deviation and swerving from truth." - John Hales

"Thought control is a copyright of totalitarianism, and we have no claim to it. It is not the function of our government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error." -

"Delay is preferable to error." - Thomas Jefferson

"Error of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left free to combat it." - Thomas Jefferson

"Any manifest error on the part of an enemy should make us suspect some stratagem." - Douglas MacArthur

"The fundamental error commonly made lies in considering faith as a kind of knowledge... Faith, however, is not a kind of knowledge, but rather a practical attitude of will." - John Macmurray

"Creation is not an instantaneous act, but is an eternal process. The immanence of God which follows from this hypothesis is the pledge that evil and error, ugliness and imperfection are not ultimate. Evil has reference to the distance which good has to traverse. Error is the stage on the pathway to truth." - Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, fully Sir or Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

"The fundamental error of psychiatry is that it regards life as a problem to be solved, instead of as a purpose to be fulfilled." -

"Humility is the most excellent natural cure for anger in the world, for he, that by daily considering his own infirmities and failings, makes the error of his servant or neighbor to be his own case, and remembers that he daily needs God’s pardon and his brother’s charity, will not be apt to rage at the levities, or misfortunes, or indiscretions of another." - Jeremy Taylor

"We should not feel that something else gives life meaning, even some transcendental purpose… The religious aspect of life needs to be re-conceptualized to avoid the error of turning life into only a means to Heaven, Nirvana, or union with God." - Garrett Thomson

"Great services are not canceled by one act or by one single error." -