Random Quotes

Ludwig van Beethoven

Man's humility towards man pains me; and yet when I consider myself in connection with the universe, what am I and what is he whom we call the greatest? And yet here, again, lies the divine element in man.

François de La Rochefoucauld, François VI, Duc de La Rochefoucauld, Prince de Marcillac, Francois A. F. Rochefoucauld-Liancourt

Those who apply themselves too closely to little things often become incapable of great things.

Sam Harris, formally Samuel B. "Sam" Harris

The only angels we need invoke are those of our better nature: reason, honesty, and love. The only demons we must fear are those that lurk inside every human mind: ignorance, hatred, greed, and faith, which is surely the devil's masterpiece.

Wislawa Szymborska, fully Maria Wisława Anna Szymborska

Show me your little poem and I'll tell you why it wasn't written any earlier or later than it was. Oh no, you've got me wrong. Keep your funny piece of paper with its scribbles. All I need for my ends is your layer of dirt and the long gone smell of burning.

Jostein Gaarder

Kierkegaard also said that truth is` subjective`. By this he did not mean it does not matter what we think or believe. He meant that the really important truths are personal. Truths are On these by Only `true for Me`.

Loren Eiseley

I was a shadow among shadows brooding over the fate of other shadows that I alone strove to summon up out of the all-pervading dusk.

Frank Herbert, formally Franklin Patrick Herbert, Jr.

Too much knowledge never makes for simple decisions.

Rose Macauley, fully Dame Emilie Rose Macaulay

It was a book to kill time for those who like it better dead.

John Brockman

As a final insult to unity, the laws of quantum mechanics indicate that the universe is continually splitting into multiple histories, or many worlds, out of which the world we experience is only one. The other worlds contain the events that didn?t happen in our world.

Robert Burton

Put his shoulder to the wheel.

Thomas Carlyle

Supply-and-demand, -- alas! For what noble work was there ever yet any audible demand in that poor sense? The man of Macedonia, speaking in vision to the Apostle Paul, Come over and help us, did not specify what rate of wages he would give.

Thomas Carlyle

Of all God's creatures, Man alone is poor.

George Soros, Hungarian as Soros György, born Schwartz György

The absurdity of its illegality has been clear to me for some time. I learned about pot from my kids and realized it was a lot better than Scotch, and I loved the Scotch. Then I went to my doctor, and he said, 'I'm thrilled. You're drinking too much. You're much better off doing pot than drinking.'

Angela Merkel, fully Angela Dorothea Merkel, née Kasner

Let me say this on a personal note. Without the United States of America, I would in all probably not be able to stand here before you today.

Walter Scott, fully Sir Walter Scott,1st Baronet

Where's the coward that would not dare to fight for such a land?

Allan Bloom, fully Allan David Bloom

Our language is the product of ? extraordinary thought and philosophical greatness. ? There is a lifetime and more of study here, which would turn our impoverishing certitudes into humanizing doubts.

Marshall McLuhan, fully Herbert Marshall McLuhan

Societies have always been shaped more by the nature of the media by which men communicate than by the content of the communication.

Nâzım Hikmet

I said come, he said to me remain, like he said, he said to me died, I came ... I was ... I like ... I'm dead.

Emile Zola

The stench of the manure that Jean was turning had cheered him up a little. He adored its promise of fertility and was sniffing it with the relish of a man smelling a randy woman.

Desmond Tutu, fully Desmond Mpilo Tutu

You can never win a war against terror as long as there are conditions in the world that make people desperate — poverty, disease, ignorance, et cetera. I think people are beginning to realize that you can't have pockets of prosperity in one part of the world and huge deserts of poverty and deprivation and think that you can have a stable and secure world.

Yehudi Menuhin, fully Sir Yehudi Menuhin, Baron Menuhin

The Astronomy of the Hindus has formed the subject of excessive admiration.

Richard Dawkins

The idea of tiny changes cumulated over many steps is an immensely powerful idea, capable of explaining an enormous range of things that would be otherwise inexplicable.

William Cowper

With spots quadrangular of diamond form, ensanguined hearts, clubs typical of strife, and spades, the emblems of untimely graves.

Max Frisch

Travelling, gentlemen, is medieval, today we have means of communication, not to speak of tomorrow and the day after, means of communication that bring the world into our homes, to travel from one place to another is atavistic.

Nikola Tesla

General disarmament being for the present entirely out of question, a proportionate reduction might be recommended. The safety of any country and of the world's commerce depending not on the absolute, but relative amount of war material, this would be evidently the first reasonable step to take towards universal economy and peace. But it would be a hopeless task to establish an equitable basis of adjustment. Population, naval strength, force of army, commercial importance, water-power, or any other natural resource, actual or prospective, are equally unsatisfactory standards to consider.