Great Throughts Treasury

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Francis Ellington Abbot

Theologian, Unitarian Minister

Abaye NULL

Rabbi of the Jewish Talmud

John Abercrombie

Benedictine Monk executed for his Roman Catholicism

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, born Ferdinand Lewis "Lew" Alcinder, Jr.

American Basketball Player, Coach, Actor and Author. NBA all-time leading scorer

Isaac Aboab de Fonesca

Jewish Talmudic Scholar, Kabbalist and Writer

John Abbott, fully John Stevens Cabot Abbott

American Historian, Pastor and Pedagogical Writer

Israel Abrahams

Jewish Scholar

Abigail Adams

Prolific Letter Writer

Lord Acton, John Emerich Dalberg-Acton

English Liberal Historian, Moralist, Politician and Writer

Brian Adam

Scottish National Party of the Scottish Parliament for Aberdeen North

Yehezkel Abramsky, aka Reb Chatzkel Abramsky

Russian (Belarus-born) English Orthodox Rabbi and Scholar

Isaac Abravanel, fully Don Itshak ben Yehouda Abravanel

Rabbi, Statesman, Philosopher, Biblical Commentator and Financial Jew

David Abrahamsen

Norwegian Forensic Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst and Author

Thomas Adam

English Church of England Clergyman and Religious Writer

Charles Kendall Adams

American Educator and Historian, President of Cornell University and President of the University of Wisconsin

Charles Francis Adams II

American Civil War General and President of the Union Pacific Railroad

Franklin Pierce Adams, pen name F.P.A.

American Journalist, Humorist, Newspaper Columnist

William Taylor Adams, pseudonym Oliver Optic

American Author, Teacher, Politician, Member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives

Phillip Adams


Thomas Adams

English Clergyman and Reputed Preacher, called "The Shakespeare of the Puritans" by Robert Southey

Albertano of Brescia NULL

Author of Latin Social Treaties and Sermons

George Matthew Adams

Newspaper Columnist, Author, Writer, Philosopher and Publisher who founded the Adams Newspaper Service

Alan Alda, born Alphonso Joseph D'Abruzzo

American Actor, Author, Activist, Director, Screenwriter, Five-time Emmy Award and Six-time Golden Globe Award winner, known for role as Hawkeye Pierce in TV series M*A*S*H

Agesilaus the Great NULL

King of Sparta

Winthrop Williams Aldrich

American Banker and Financier, U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom

Shlomo Wolbe, aka Wilhelm Wolbe

German-born Israeli Haredi Rabbi and Author, best know for Alei Shur

Mateo Alemán, fully Mateo Alemán y de Enero

Spanish Novelist, wrote Guzmán de Alfarache

Samuel Alexander

Australian-born British Philosopher, first Jewish Fellow of an Oxbridge College

Al-Ghazali, fully Abū Ḥāmed Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad Ghazālī NULL

Islamic Theologian, Jurist, Philosopher, Cosmologist, Psychologist and Sufi Mystic of Persian origin

Archibald Alison

Scottish Episcopalian Priest and Essayist

Joseph Alleine

English Puritan Nonconformist Pastor and Author of Religious Works

Richard Alleine

English Puritan Divine

Dean Alford, fully Clarence "Dean" Alford

American Politician and Businessman, CEO and President of Allied Energy Services, Co-chair of the Pine 2 Energy Coalition

Eric Lewis, aka ELEW

American Jazz Pianist known for channeling "the raw emotion of alternative rock into fiery, take-no-prisoners jazz piano arrangements"

Pope Agapet II, aka Pope Agapetus II NULL

Italian Pope

Lisa Alther

American Author and Professor of Fiction

Samuel Amalu

American Dean of Lighthouse Keepers in Hawaii

Herbert Sebastian Agar

American Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist and Editor of the Louisville Courier-Journal

Rabbi Akiva, fully Rebbe Akiva ben Yosef NULL

Jewish Sage, Founder of Rabbinic Judaism, , referred to in the Talmud as "Rosh la-Chachamim" (Head of all the Sages)

Agathon NULL

Greek Poet

Agus Salim, or Agus Hadji

Indonesian Nationalist, one of Indonesia's Founding Fathers and Prominent Diplomats

John Aiken or Aikin

English Biographer, Doctor and Writer

Mortimer Adler and Charles Van Doren

American Lexicographers

Thomas Bailey Aldrich

American Author, Poet, Playwright, Novelist, Travel Writer and Editor

Alphonse Kann

French Art Collector of Jewish Heritage

Shana Alexander, fully Shana Agar Alexander

American Journalist, Staff Writer and Columnist for Life Magazine, best known for participation in "Point-Counterpoint" debate segments of 60 Minutes

Ahikar or Ahiqar NULL

Assyrian Sage known for his Wisdom, Folktale of Babylonian or Persian Origin known as The Story of Ahikar or The Words of Ahikar found in an Aramaic Papyrus among the ruins of Elephantine

Henry Adams, aka Henry Brooks Adams

American Journalist, Historian, Academic and Novelist

George Aiken, fully George David Aiken

American Politician, Governor of Vermont, U.S. Senator, at the time of his retirement, Aiken was the most senior member of the Senate

Louis-Aimé Martin

French Writer