Anandamayi Ma, fully Sri Anandamayi Ma, also Anandamayee Ma or Anandamoyi Ma

Ma, fully Sri Anandamayi Ma, also Anandamayee Ma or Anandamoyi Ma

Hindu Spiritual Teacher and Guru from Bengal some considered a saint hailed as one of the prominent Mystics of the 20th century

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What does Atma-darshana, the direct perception of the Self, imly? The seer, the seen and the act of seeing – where these three are One, there the Brahman is realized.

You will have peace only if you can rise above worldly desires.

Even though you may want to push God the Mother aside, She will never leave you. Are you not her offspring? A mother does what is good and beneficial for her child. She gives to her scion exactly what is needed, not more and not less. Her forgiveness knows no limits, this is why she is called MOTHER. If with deep faith, devotion and love you can exclaim: 'Mother, come to me, I cannot pass my days without you', rest assured, the Universal Mother will spread out Her arms and clasp you to Her heart. Don't look up to Her only as a mysterious refuge in your hour of distress. Keep in mind, She is always very, very near as the Force that guides your life. She Herself is the supreme refuge of every sentient being. With this conviction proceed. She will take the brunt of your burdens from your shoulders and make them light.

His essence is Being, Consciousness and Bliss.

In wealth and property there is certainly no peace.

Man is no other than the Self; but he wrongly thinks of himself as a separate individual centre on his body and identified by a particular name.

Relative happiness, that is to say, happiness depending on the fulfillment of any worldly desire, ends in grief.

The immutable Brahman and the primeval sound AUM are one and the same as (the word) Ma.

There is One Centre in your being from Which come vibrations of Mantra; images also are revealed there from together with the Truth underlying them. Who is it that does all this? Reflect! He dwells within you and does everything. He awakens enthusiasm, He inspires without you knowing it. He is the omniscient Being. Why speak of Self-realization in the future? It is here and now – only the veil that hides It has to be destroyed.

What is life-breath is really an aspect of the Universal, all-pervasive Energy that functions continuously; it is He in one of His forms – He Who is Truth Consciousness, revealing Himself in this mode.

Your sole duty is to remember that He alone is, and that everything is His doing. Invoke Him and be constantly intent on realizing Him.

Even while living in the world, you can with a calm spirit attend to spiritual practices. Then only will that which is to be given up, falls away; and that which can never be relinquished, which does not go, that indeed will remain.

Householders should emulate the ancient rishis (sages) who were married men living with their families and leading a life dedicated to God.

In whichever direction you may turn your gaze you will find One Eternal Indivisible Being manifested. Yet it is not at all easy to detect this Presence, because He interpenetrates everything. As a King is known by his majesty, as fire is known by its heat, so the Unmanifest reveals Himself through the world of manifestation. The analysis of the substance of all created things, if carried sufficiently far, will lead to the discovery that what remains is identical and equally present in all creatures: it is He, it is That, which is styled as Pure Consciousness.

Man’d bounden duty is to endeavor to awake to his real nature as a human being and to kindle the desire to realize.

Remember, one is born to experience various kinds of joys and sorrows according to one’s desire. For the time being, God comes to you in the disguise of suffering. He is purifying you in this manner. The suffering is for your own best. A mother gives a slap to her beloved child for its own good, in order to keep it on the right path. When a fond mother gives her baby a bath, the child may scream desperately, yet the mother will not let the baby go until she has thoroughly washed and scrubbed him.

The individual suffers because he perceives duality. Find the One everywhere and in everything and there will be an end to pain and suffering.

There is One unchanging indivisible Reality which, though unmanifest, reveals Itself in infinite multiplicity and diversity.

Whatever may be your shortcomings, don’t be depressed, don’y lose hope. Try to improve yourself.

Your sorrow, your pain, your agony is indeed my sorrow. This body understands everything. You may want to leave this body. But this body won't leave you for a single day - it does not and never will leave you. One, who has once been attracted to this body, even though he may make a thousand attempts, will not be able to efface or blot out the memory of this body. It will remain and persist in his memory for all time.

Everyone should start along the lines taught by his own religion.

How can you expect to see the road when you have kept your door shut? Open the door and you will see the road.

Indeed, He is in everything and everything is in Him; there is nothing but Him.

My consciousness has never associated itself with this temporary body. Before I came on this earth ‘I was the same’. As a little girl ‘I was the same’… Ever afterward, though the dance of creation change around me, in the hall of eternity ‘I shall be the same’.

Restlessness and serenity both are aspects of the mind.

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Ma, fully Sri Anandamayi Ma, also Anandamayee Ma or Anandamoyi Ma
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Hindu Spiritual Teacher and Guru from Bengal some considered a saint hailed as one of the prominent Mystics of the 20th century