Anandamayi Ma, fully Sri Anandamayi Ma, also Anandamayee Ma or Anandamoyi Ma

Ma, fully Sri Anandamayi Ma, also Anandamayee Ma or Anandamoyi Ma

Hindu Spiritual Teacher and Guru from Bengal some considered a saint hailed as one of the prominent Mystics of the 20th century

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Utensils used for worshipping a god or goddess must be washed clean and bright, the place for worship also must be careful scrubbed and kept clean. Then the mind of the worshipper will also feel a sense of purity. Mind you – you’re your body also is a ceremonial vessel to be used mainly for worship. This will bring inner purity of the mind.

Widen your shriveled heart, make the interests of others your own and serve them as much as you can by sympathy, kindness, presents and so forth. So long as one enjoys the things of this world and has needs and wants, it is necessary to minister to the needs of one's fellow men. Otherwise one cannot be called a human being. Whenever you have the opportunity, give to the poor, feed the hungry, nurse the sick - do service as a religious duty and you will come to know by direct perception that the person served, the one who serves and the act of service are separate only in appearance.

Endeavour to concentrate on the breath; this will provide a check on the mind preventing it from wandering away to outer objects.

Grace is all the time showering like the rain; one should do a little bit of spiritual practice just in order that one is able to grasp it. The little bit of power you have – employ that! Read the sacred texts, take his name, do chanting – as much as you have power to do, go on doing. After that, He is there to do all that is to be done. The stomach does not get filled if the morsel of food is only put into the mouth.

If you just place yourself under the protection of a Guru, then the path which is most suitable for you will by itself open up to you.

Just as a vigraha must not be regarded as a piece of stone, so the Guru must not the regarded as an ordinary human being.

Reality is beyond speech and thought. Only that which can be expressed in words is being said. But what cannot be put into language is indeed That which IS.

Sustained effort ends in effortless being. What has been attained by constant practice is finally transcended. Then comes spontaneity.

The true progress in one’s spiritual experience depends on the sincerity and intensity of one’s aspiration. The measure of a person’s spiritual advance will be reflected in the manifestations that are vouchsafed to him of his Ista (object of worship), who will by no means remain inaccessible or separate from His devotee, but let Himself be contacted in an infinite variety of ways.

Verily, this body is also an utensil for puja (worship); do remember that this is an utensil for puja, and do try to utilize it only for the purpose of puja, and only then will you see that even the inside is becoming clean.

You cannot find the Mother until the faith awakens in you that whatever the Mother does is all for the best of Her child.

As you do not feel the weight of your head, of hands, and of feet ... so do I feel that these persons are all organic members of THIS BODY; so I don't feel their pressure or find their worries weighing on me. Their joys and sorrows, problems and their solutions, I feel to be vitally mine ... I have no ego sense nor conception of separateness.

As you love your own body, so regard everyone as equal to your own body. When the Supreme Experience supervenes, everyone's service is revealed as one's own service. Call it a bird, an insect, an animal or a man, call it by any name you please, one serves one's own Self in every one of them.

At every breath try to be in communion with Him through His Name.

Begin here and now, it is never too late to begin.

Blame may be likened to cowdung. When it lies about just anywhere it is of no use. But when, mixed with earth and turned into manure, it is put under plants, what lovely flowers, fruits and grain will grow due to it. Similarly, if an aspirant can bear to be blamed and criticized, that is to say, if he uses it to improve his character, it will be beneficial – just as the soil is made fertile by manure.

A spiritual traveler must not allow his mind to be distracted by anything. He should proceed with determination towards his goal.

By ceaseless prayer He Who is Akhands (whole) is found. One’s own Self, the Life of one’s life, the Beloved of One’s heart is the One to be eagerly sought.

A wealthy merchant went on a business trip. A thief in the disguise of a businessman joined him, intent on robbing him at the earliest suitable occasion. Every morning, before leaving the inn which they happened to have put up for the night, the merchant would count his money quite openly and then put it into his pocket. At night the merchant went to sleep seemingly without suspicion. While he was asleep the thief would frantically search through all the belongings of the merchant without being able to find the money. After several nights of frustrating searching, the thief finally in resignation confessed to the merchant his true intention and pleaded with him to tell him how he was able to hide his money so successfully. The merchant replied casually: I knew from the very beginning what you were up to. So, every night I placed the money under your pillow. I could safely sleep, knowing full well that that would be the one place where you would never look.

By God’s grace one is born as a human being. Try to make the best of this opportunity. Everything is possible for man.

A worldly desire, if unfulfilled, makes you miserable; if fulfilled, it is almost invariably followed by some other desire and the chain of desire disturbs your peace of mind.

By saying I cannot one does not get far. One has to acquire capacity and achieve his end.

According as worldly interests decrease, one progresses towards real joy.

Control your mind for sense objects. Be moderate in eating, sleeping. As a pilgrim on the path to God, you should be content with such food and sleep as will help you to remain fit for the onward march.

Acquire a firm will and the utmost patience.

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Ma, fully Sri Anandamayi Ma, also Anandamayee Ma or Anandamoyi Ma
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Hindu Spiritual Teacher and Guru from Bengal some considered a saint hailed as one of the prominent Mystics of the 20th century