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Fire purges everything.

He who sleeps in a marsh wakes up cousin to the frogs.

If the King at noonday says it is night, behold the stars.

It is no time to bow when the head is off.

No one but the one carrying the load knows how much it weighs.

A town's gate can be shut; a fool's mouth, never.

Courage is fear that has said its prayers.

For the sake of one rose, the gardener becomes the servant of a thousand souls.

He who speaks the truth better have one foot in the stirrup.

If the prayers of dogs were answered, bones would rain from the sky.

It isn't every kind of wood a whistle can be made from.

Nothing's certain but the unforeseen.

A well-educated man always has a kind word to say about the place where he spends the night.

Craft must have clothes, but truth loves to go naked.

Giving advice to a stupid man is like giving salt to a squirrel.

He who touches honey is compelled to lick his fingers.

If you are an anvil, you will suffer like an anvil. If you are a hammer, you will strike like a hammer.

It's easy to carry on war with a spyglass.

The higher the castle, the closer to the lightening.

There's enough demons in life. Don't invite more.

When the crow is your guide, he will lead you to the corpses of dogs.

Your secret is your blood -- when you shed it you die.

The jungle will not be without a tiger.

Three things cause sorrow to flee: water, green trees and a beautiful face.

When you put your head into the mortar it is useless to dread the sound of the pestle.

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