Charles Barkley, fully Charles Wade Barkley

Barkley, fully Charles Wade Barkley

American Professional Basketball Player and Television Analyst

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I was going to sue her for defamation of character, but then I realized that I have no character.

I'm just what America needs - another unemployed black man. [After retiring from basketball]

Kenny - you aint got no sterno, have you?

On game days, I could be in the worst mood imaginable-a really bad mood. But sometimes, I'd get a call from the Make-A-Wish Foundation-there would be people, sometimes kids, who wanted to meet me before they died. And the foundation would call on a game day and say, There's kids dying here whose last wish is to see you. Can you just come and see him? I'd get there and sometimes the kid would be comatose. One day, a kid woke up for a split second and smiled at me. I was told he'd been hanging on. The mom and dad called me later and said, I don't know what yu did to him, but those few moments were wonderful. And I cried all the way to the game, just cried my eyes out.

That is your oldest son right? He looks like you. [Barkley to Ernie Johnson after comedian Carrot Top is seen holding Johnson's picture]

Those are called 'brothers.'

When your two best players are 40, you got a problem. [On the Utah Jazz]

You know the thing that was amazing about that game? Between the two of y'all ya had 60 points that night, his [Hakeem's] 51 and your 9.

I do not use words like liberal or conservative. You can ask me a question and I will give you an answer. Those are words rich people on television use to divide and conquer.

I know why his name is DMX. Because his real name is Earl. Imagine if his name was Earl the rapper.

I?d never buy my girl a watch; she?s already got a clock over the stove.

I'm no role model.

Kenny said it was going to be an all-international night. I want to know which international brother is going to win the slam dunk contest.[ Right after Peja won the 3-point contest]

On the goal of the '92 Olympic Dream Team when playing Panama in the Tournament of the Americas: To get the Canal back.

That should be a rule, if you lose by 43 (points) there should be no highlights shown.

To all those people who went to the hospital last week jumping off the Knicks? bandwagon?I told you so.

Where is one foot right now?

You know what he [Yao] said? Whew! Even white guys can play over here!

I don?t care what people think. People are stupid.

I love Kobe Bryant and LeBron James and Carmelo (Anthony) has played great. But welcome to the party, Dwight Howard, this guy is a flat out beast.

I?m just mad because I had to play against Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan and guys like that instead of some of these stiffs that are playing in the NBA today. We used to have real basketball back in the 80s and 90s. We would?ve beat these teams like drums.

I'm not a role model... Just because I dunk a basketball doesn't mean I should raise your kids.

Kenny: There's guys who go over to Europe and play overseas from America, and they dominate! Charles: Those are called 'brothers'

One of the worst days of my life was telling Dick Ebersol I was going to TNT.

That?s not a steady diet, that?s dessert. You don?t live on dessert, you live on steak, potato and vegetables.

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Barkley, fully Charles Wade Barkley
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American Professional Basketball Player and Television Analyst