George Herbert


Welsh-born English Metaphysical Poet, Orator and Anglican Priest

Author Quotes

Who is so deaf, as he that will not hear?

When thou dost purpose ought within thy power, be sure to do it, though it be but small.

Who breaks his own bond, forfeits himself.

Who is the honest man? He that doth still and strongly good pursue to God, his neighbor, and himself most true: whom neither force nor fawning can unpin, or wrench from giving all their due.

When all sins grow old covetousness is young.

When thou dost tell another's jest, therein omit the oaths, which true wit cannot need; pick out of tales the mirth, but not the sin.

Who cannot rest till he good fellows find, he breaks up house, turns out of doors his mind.

Who keeps no guard upon himself is slack, and rots to nothing at the next great thaw.

When baseness is exalted, do not bate the place its honor for the person’s sake.

When war begins, then hell opens.

Who doth his own business, fouls not his hands.

Who lets his wife go to every feast, and his horse drink at every water, shall neither have good wife nor good horse.

When children stand quiet, they have done some ill.

When you are an anvil hold you still; when you are a hammer strike your fill.

Who eats his cock alone must saddle his horse alone.

Who likes not the drink, God deprives him of bread.

When God at first made man, having a glass of blessings standing by, let us (said he) pour on him all we can: let the world's riches, which dispersèd lie, contract into a span.

When you enter into a house, leave the anger ever at the door.

Who eats the king's goose voids the feathers a hundred years after.

Who marks in church-time others’ symmetry, makes all their beauty his deformity.

When God is made the master of a family, he disorders the disorderly.

Where the drink goes in there the wit goes out.

Who fears to do ill sets himself a task; who fears to do well sure should wear a mask.

Who must account for himself and others, must know both.

When God will punish, He will first take away the understanding.

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Welsh-born English Metaphysical Poet, Orator and Anglican Priest