George Herbert


Welsh-born English Metaphysical Poet, Orator and Anglican Priest

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War is deaths feast.

Wealth without contentment climbs a hill, to feel those tempests which fly over ditches.

When a friend asks, there is no to-morrow.

Three women make a market.

To a fair day open the window, but make you ready as to a foul.

To review ones store is to mow twice.

Truth and oil are ever above.

Thrifty be, but not covetous.

To a good spender God is the Treasurer.

To seek in a SHep five feet when there is but four.

Throughout the world.

To a grateful man give money when he asks.

To seek these things is lost labor; Geese in an oil pot, fat Hogs among Jews, and Wine in a fishing net.

Throw away thy rod, throw away thy wrath O my God, take the gentle path.

To a great night, a great Lanthorne.

To speak of an Usurer at the table marries the wine.

Thursday come, and the week's gone.

To a greedy eating horse a short halter.

To steal the hog, and give the feet to alms.

Thou that hast given so much to me give me one thing more, a grateful heart: not thankful when it pleaseth me, as if Thy blessings had spare days, but such a heart whose pulse may be Thy praise.

Thy friend put in thy bosom; wear his eyes still in thy heart that he may see what’s there. If cause require, thou art his sacrifice…. But love is lost; the way of friendship’s gone.

To be too busy gets contempt.

To take the nuts from the fire with the dog's foot.

Though a lie be well dressed, it is ever overcome.

Tie up thy fears. He that forbears to suit and serve his need deserves his load.

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Welsh-born English Metaphysical Poet, Orator and Anglican Priest