Guru Nanak


Indian Religions Leader, Founder of Sikhism

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Women, confined in the house under trustworthy and obedient servants, are not well-guarded, but those who of their own accord keep guard over themselves, are well guarded.

They are satiated with the sublime essence of the Lord, and they merge in celestial peace, in each and every heart, they see the all-pervading Lord.

Those in whose heart rama (god) abides never die nor can be cheated.

Those who long for the Lord, are said to be His servants.

Through True Love, she merges with Him. She who does not know her Husband Lord, the Architect of karma, is deluded by falsehood she herself is false.

Prays Nanak, hear my prayer, O God, Almighty Creator, Cause of causes.

She shall never suffer night and day, she enjoys pleasures, that soul bride merges in the Mansion of the Lord s Presence.

Surrender body and mind to your Guru, and then your mind will be happy, your thirst and pain shall be taken away.

The bride obtains the supreme status, as her mind is brought under control; she is the beloved of her Husband Lord.

The excellence and defects of commodities, the advantages and disadvantages of different countries, the probable profit and loss on merchandise, and the means of properly rearing cattle.

The king shall cause a goldsmith who behaves dishonestly, the most nocuous of all the thorns, to be cut to pieces with razors.

The Lord Himself, the Lord Himself, unites us with Himself, that which He does, comes to pass.

The Name of the Lord, He has implanted the Name of the Lord within me, chanting the Name of the Lord I blossom forth.

The soul bride is imbued with the Love of the Lord, when she walks according to the Will of the True Guru.

Their minds are colored by emotional attachment to Maya, because of this emotional attachment, they do not understand.

Preserve me in Your Sanctuary, and bless me with the glorious greatness of the Lord s Name, there is no other Giver as great as You.

She weeps, thinking of her Husband Lord, and she constantly cherishes His virtues, her Husband Lord does not die, or go away.

Ten months they are satisfied with the meat of boars and buffaloes, but eleven months indeed with that of hares and tortoises.

The brilliant fire is not contaminated even in burial places, and, when presented with oblations of butter at sacrifices, it again increases mightily.

The food eaten by hermits in the forest, milk, Soma juice, meat which is not prepared with spices , and salt unprepared by art, are called, on account of their nature, sacrificial food.

The king shall cut off the hands of those robbers who, breaking into houses, commit thefts at night, and cause them to be impaled on a pointed stake.

The Lord Master beholds His work, and contemplates His creative potency.

The new moon day destroys the teacher, the fourteenth day the pupil, the eighth and the full moon days destroy all remembrance of the Veda, let him therefore avoid ,reading on those days.

The soul bride shall never be a widow, she shall never suffer sorrow.

Then having caused the crimes, which they committed by their several actions, to be proclaimed in accordance with the facts, the king shall duly punish them according to their strength and their crimes.

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Indian Religions Leader, Founder of Sikhism