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You'd better have one hundred who envy you than one who is sorry for you.

Who hunts two hares, does not catch even one.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Whom a serpent has bitten, is afraid of a lizard.

Whosoever chooses to deny their past cannot expect to find a future.

Wise men learn by others' harm.

Without driving even a goat would not go to the market.

Women, a goose and two women make a whole fair.

Work is burning down to his nail.

Work is burning under his hand.

You do not need a basket to pick well-known strawberries.

you don't cherish the little, you don't deserve the more.

You haven't yet caught the bird, still you are already plucking her.

You may go to Kukutyin to sharpen oats.

You should not only know what is right but also do it.

You try to trade at a deserted place.

To err is human.

Two sharp swords cannot be is one sheath.

What Jove may do, the ox may not.

Who gets mixed up with garbage will be eaten by pigs.

To get out of the bed on the wrong side.

Until we are only poorly paid, we shall also poorly work.

What was given by God to one, cannot be taken away by man.

To plant an insect into one's ear.

Unwillingness ends in groaning.

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