Hungarian Proverbs


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There is no medicine against death.

This is a veterinary horse.

The magpie wants too much, but her tail is unable to carry it.

The world stands to those who have eyes.

There is no point in running ones head against the wall.

The gypsy is not accustomed to ploughing.

The master's eye makes the animals fat.

The worse it is, in one respect, the better, in another respect.

There is no rule without exception.

The hand of each saint inclines towards himself.

The midwife should have cut his throat rather than his navel.

There are more days than sausages.

There is no worthless thing which could not be used for something.

The hangman is being hanged.

The mills of God grind slowly, but surely.

There are still errors.

There is not only one pied dog in the world.

The head of each stick is at its end.

The Moor has done his duty, the Moor may go.

There is a dialogue between deaf people.

There is thick sandal leather on his face.

The helve of the lost hatchet.

The mouth of a treading horse is not muzzled.

There is a feast once even in Hell.

There must be order.

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