Jean Anouilh, fully Jean Marie Lucien Pierre Anouilh

Anouilh, fully Jean Marie Lucien Pierre Anouilh

French Dramatist best known for his play Antigone

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Propaganda is a soft weapon hold it in your hands too long, and it will move about like a snake, and strike the other way.

Tragedy is clean, it is restful, it is flawless.

You have everything in the world to make you happy. All you have to do is reach out for it.

Saintliness is also a temptation.

Tragedy is restful: and the reason is that hope, that foul, deceitful thing, has no part in it.

You may not know it, but at the far end of despair, there is a white clearing where one is almost happy.

Some men like to make a little garden out of life and walk down a path.

True miracles are created by men when they use the courage and intelligence that God gave them.

Talent is like a faucet while it is open, you have to write. Inspiration - a hoax fabricated by poets for their self-importance.

Understand... You only have that word in his mouth, all since I was little. He had to understand that you cannot touch the water, the beautiful and elusive cold water because it wets the stones, earth because it stain the dresses. We had to understand that we should not eat everything at once, give everything we have in his pocket to the beggar we meet, run, run into the wind until it falls down and drink when it was hot and bathe when it is too early or too late, not just when you feel like it! Understand. Always understand. I do not want to understand. I understand when I am old... If I become old. Not now.

The garden was still asleep. I surprised nurse. I saw him without his being aware. It's beautiful garden that does not think to men.

Until the day of his death no man can be sure of his courage.

The object of art is to give life a shape

We have found other terms far less vague than the old ones to designate the same complaints. It's a great advance linguistically.

Nothing is true that what is not said...

The only immorality is not to do what one has to do when one has to do it.

We poison our lives with fear of burglary and shipwreck, and, ask anyone, the house is never burgled, and the ship never goes down.

Nothing less than a cozy tea party with death and destiny will quench your thirst.

The true masters of the art of living are already happy if they are not unhappy.

What fun it would be to be poor, as long as one was excessively poor! Anything in excess is most exhilarating.

Obligations, hatreds, injuries ? What did I expect memories to be? And I was forgetting remorse. I have a complete past now.

There is love of course. And then there's life, its enemy.

What is this mania to love someone all one's life? Why we shoulds ?

Oh, love is real enough; you will find it someday, but it has one archenemy - and that is life.

There will always be a lost dog somewhere that will keep me from being happy.

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Anouilh, fully Jean Marie Lucien Pierre Anouilh
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French Dramatist best known for his play Antigone