John Templeton, fully Sir John Marks Templeton

Templeton, fully Sir John Marks Templeton

American-born British Stock Investor, Businessman, Mutual Fund Pioneer and Philanthropist, Rhodes Scholar

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Diversification should be the cornerstone of your investment program. If you have your wealth in one company, unexpected troubles may cause a serious loss; but if you own the stocks of 12 companies in different industries, the one which turns out badly will probably be offset by some other which turns out better than expected.

I never ask if the market is going to go up or down, because I don’t know, and besides it doesn’t matter. I search nation after nation for stocks, asking: Where is the one that is lowest priced in relation to what I believe it’s worth?

It's self-centered to think that human beings, as limited as we are, can describe divinity.

The idea that an individual can find God is terribly self-centered. It is like a wave thinking it can find the sea.

We are trying to persuade people that no human has yet grasped 1% of what can be known about spiritual realities. So we are encouraging people to start using the same methods of science that have been so productive in other areas, in order to discover spiritual realities.

Diversify your investments

I served for 42 years on the board of trustees of the largest Presbyterian seminary, Princeton Theological Seminary, and we had brilliant people — teachers and students both—but they did not come up with many new concepts. They weren't invited to come up with new concepts. Anybody who had come up with a new concept would have been under suspicion for being out of step with the tradition or out of step with the teachings of the church.

Just over a century ago, an unknown embittered atheist in London wrote a book called Das Kapital. The ideas in that book caused about half the population of the world to become enslaved under soul-crushing dictators.

The long-range view requires patience.

We hope that there will be nothing that conflicts with anybody's religion or faith. We would never say a person's religion is not effective. We say, 'Would you be interested in something more effective?' We always put things in an optimistic, progressive perspective. Do you want to make your prayers more effective? Not that they are not effective, but do you want to help them become more effective?'

Diversify. In stocks and bonds, as in much else, there is safety in numbers.

I thought, I'm only going to be on this planet once, and only for a short time. What can I do with my life that will lead to permanent benefits?

Let's worship Divinity, but understand the divinity we worship is beyond our comprehension.

The main focus in my life now is to open people's minds so no one will be so conceited that they think they have the total truth. They should be eager to learn, to listen, to research and not to confine, to hurt, to kill, those who disagree with them.

We may find the Divine to be 3,000 times what we think it is now. It's like asking the tulip there to explain you. The tulip is a beautiful creation, with millions of atoms cooperating with each other to produce great beauty, but ask that tulip to talk about you, and it can't do it. It doesn't have those perceptive abilities. Wouldn't it be conceited to suggest that I had the abilities to describe the deity?

Experience teaches us that one of the most common errors in selecting stocks for purchase, or for sale, is the tendency to emphasize only the most obvious factor; namely the temporary outlook for sales and profits of the company.

I wouldn't call it radical I would call it enthusiasm for progress.

Making people get over the concept that they've got the total proof. To get them to feel, 'Gee, I want to learn more. I want to hear anybody who can tell me something in addition to ways I already know about God or my spiritual principles.

The more love we give away, the more we have left. The laws of love differ from the laws of arithmetic. Love hoarded dwindles, but love given grows. If we give all our love, we will have more left than he who saves some. Giving love, not receiving is important; but when we give with no thought of receiving we automatically, and inescapably receive abundantly. Heaven is a by-product of love. When we say, I love you, we mean that a little of God's love flows from me to you. Thereby, we do not love less, but more. For in flowing, the quantity is magnified.

When asked about living and working in the Bahamas during his management of the Templeton Group, Templeton replied, I've found my results for investment clients were far better here than when I had my office in 30 Rockefeller Plaza. When you're in Manhattan, it's much more difficult to go opposite the crowd.

Faith does not imply a closed, but an open mind. Quite the opposite of blindness, faith appreciates the vast spiritual realities that materialist overlook by getting trapped in the purely physical.

If governments encourage people to become more spiritual there will be a reduction in healthcare costs.

Nations that have lost free enterprise have, without exception, eventually lost also freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Property rights are essential for human rights. Under socialisn, each man is a cog in a machine; but under peoples' capitalism, he is a free agent. A man's soul can develop best if it is free; and share ownership helps to make a man free.

The objective of our religious foundations is to teach people that they are hurting themselves when they say they believe something. What we should realize is we know almost nothing about God and therefore we should be eager to search and to learn.

Work at being a humble person.

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Templeton, fully Sir John Marks Templeton
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American-born British Stock Investor, Businessman, Mutual Fund Pioneer and Philanthropist, Rhodes Scholar