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A monkey does not spring into the trap in which its mate has been caught.

An old man has no one to care for him. An aged person is not wanted.

He who will not take advice, gets knowledge when trouble overtakes him.

Nothing gets into the closed fist: nor out of it, said the scrub.

The same stick with which they kill a deaf lizard they also kill a large monitor lizard.

You have left your mark (foot-prints) in the grass (as you fled), do not forget him who is searching for you. Precaution.

A mosquito feels no pity for an emaciated person.

An oppressor has no pity for the poor.

He will return like a bad penny.

Nourish a wolf in the winter that he may devour you in the summer.

The sun does not rise once only. There may be another chance.

You nourish an orphan leopard; when his claws become strong he springs upon you.

A mother is not to be compared with another person ? she is incomparable. A mother is a mother still the holiest thing alive.

Assistance, means, and instruments are indispensable.

How many people (there are) that experience warns without correcting them.

One good turn deserves another.

The sun shines during the day, not at night.

You spoil your chance by offending your benefactor.

A palaver is not without a reason.

Avoid the ford in which your friend was drowned.

I am too lazy to set my status.

Profit by the experience of others.

The warning (reminder) of rain is thunder.

You strike the person who is holding the antelope with a stick.

A piece of good sugar-cane is not without holes. Even a good person has his faults and blemishes.

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