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A piece of good sugar-cane is not without holes. Even a good person has his faults and blemishes.

By resting only you will never get through the forest.

Instead of killing the antelope, you strike the person who is holding it for you, and he lets it escape.

Punctilious about the lesser, and neglectful about the greater.

They came upon you, and you saw (them), now you are bound ? why the groanings ?

You treat leprosy as nothing, and your feet are (ultimately) mutilated by it. Disregarded warning is inevitably followed by evil consequences.

A reproof to the stingy.

Careful about non-essentials, and careless about essentials.

It is easier to transport an ant hill than exercise authority in a village.

Roots do not know what a leaf has in mind.

They cannot turn the face round (to the back of the head), they can change (their) conduct.

Your father only loves you while your mother is living.

A reproof to those who regret having given a present.

Don't buy a pig in a poke.

It is imprudent to buy a canoe which is submerged.

Support is necessary in dangerous places.

They change the voice, they do not change the face.

Your stomach is a basket, your hand a closed fist, you cry for other peoples? food ; but you do not give away anything.

A sapless tree is a leafless tree.

Don't die till death comes.

It is useless to call a dog to come to you while you have a stick in your hand.

The ants nest cannot stand in the elephants' track without the support of a bush to which it adheres.

Things are not what they seem.

A simile of death which shows no favor.

Don't stop running? they have not yet laid hold of you.

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