Portuguese Proverbs


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Wind and fortune are not lasting.

You have lent and not recovered; and if recovered, not so much; and if so much, not such; and if such, a mortal enemy.

Wipe the nose of your neighbor's son, and marry him to your daughter.

You have many strings to your bow.

Wipe your sore eye with your elbow.

You need not find a shelter for an old ox.

With iron you hurt, with iron you?ll get hurt.

You should not demise what you get for free.

Wolf doesn't eat wolf.

You tie the horse at the will of the master.

Woman, wind, and luck soon change.

You will know what something is really worth, when you lose it forever.

Women and glasses are always in danger.

You will not see many with green eyes.

Women are always better the following year.

Your wife and sheep early at home.

Women are supernumerary when present, and missed when absent.

Your windmill dwindles into a nutcrack.

Who faints not, achieves.

Words, cast them to the wind.

Who holds his peace and gathers stones, will find a time to throw them.

Work done expects money.

Who is hurry, goes walking.

Would you have me serve you, good king, give me the means of living.

Who stays quiet agrees.

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