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Youth is a wreath of roses.

Woe to the children banished from their father's table.

Woe to the country which hath lost its leader; woe to the ship when its captain is no more.

Would you have the sun and the moon destroyed because of the foolish ones who worship them? To change the course of nature to punish sinners, would bring suffering to the innocent also.

Who gives charity in secret is greater than Moses.

Without law, civilization perishes.

Who gains wisdom? He who is willing to receive instruction from all sources. Who is the mighty man? He who subdueth his temper. Who is rich? He who is content with his lot. Who is deserving of honor? He who honoreth mankind.

When wine enters the head the secret flies out.

While our love was strong we lay on the edge of a sword, now a couch sixty yards wide is too narrow for us.

When thou art the only purchaser, then buy; when other buyers are present, be thou nobody.

When the cucumbers are young we may tell whether they will become good for food.

When the ox is down many are the butchers.

When our ancestors in the wilderness were saved from death by gazing upon the brazen serpent, it was not the serpent which killed or preserved. It was the trustful appeal to the Father in heaven.

When he who attends the synagogue regularly is prevented from being present, God asks for him.

When others gather, do thou disperse; when others disperse, gather.

Victuals prepared by many cooks will be neither hot nor cold.

What is intended for thy neighbor will never be thine.

When a liar speaks the truth he finds his punishment in the general disbelief.

Use thy noble vase to-day; to-morrow it may break.

Understand a man by his own deeds and words. The impressions of others lead to false judgment.

Unhappy is he who mistakes the branch for the tree, the shadow for the substance.

Two pieces of coin in one bag make more noise than a hundred.

Truth is heavy; therefore few care to carry it.

Two dry sticks and one green burn together.

Trust not thyself until the day of thy death.

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