Robert Kiyosaki, fully Robert Toru Kiyosaki

Kiyosaki, fully Robert Toru Kiyosaki

American Businessman, Investor, Financial Literacy Activist, Motivational Speaker and Best-Selling Author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" books

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They?re always growing. They?re always pushing.

Time waits for no one. The same is true for opportunities.

Today, older and wiser, I do not have illusions that I would ever be as great an entrepreneur as Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Steven Jobs, or Walt Disney. Yet I can still learn from them and use them as mentors and role models. And that is Rich Dad's entrepreneurial lesson #1: "A successful business is created before there is a business."

Warren Buffett is famous for talking about the 'intrinsic value' of stocks. But while many people parrot this phrase, few know what it really means.

We've all heard stories of lottery winners, rock stars, heirs and heiresses, and professional athletes becoming millionaire morons who wake up rich but are broke by nightfall.

When I was young, people lived from paycheck to paycheck. Today, it seems like they live from credit card payment to credit card payment.

When you combine boring with fear, you have fun.

Winners are not afraid of losing. But losers are. Failure is part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success.

You can't take care of charity unless you take care of yourself first.

You will not become rich until you teach others to be rich.

Think about educating people to be owners of businesses, not employees of business.

To be a successful business owner and investor, you have to be emotionally neutral to winning and losing. Winning and losing are just part of the game.

Today, there are more mutual-fund companies than there are publicly traded companies.

Was that why he was rich? In teaching me to be rich was he also teaching himself to be richer? ?Of course. I?m not doing this just for you, I?m doing this for me. I learn something every time I teach. We may not be learning the same things, but I too am learning. There have been many a time I?ve been teaching you or Mike and suddenly a new idea pops into my head, or I see something completely differently. There has been many a time I have solved my own problems helping you solve your own problems.?

What do you think about me is not my business the important thing is what I think about myself

When I watch professional football, I love listening to John Madden because I know he knows what he's talking about. He's been both down in the trenches and in front of the bench as a coach. He knows the game.

When you come to the boundaries of what you know, it is time to make some mistakes.

With every $ that comes into your hand, you have a CHOICE. If you?re smart, you?ll buy an asset with that dollar.

You do not get rich at work. You get rich by doing your homework.

You will understand why seeking security to avoid risk is the riskiest thing you can do.

Think big! Leverage your ideas! How can I reach more people with less effort?

To be a true entrepreneur, you need to be smart and love to learn. If you do not love learning, chances are your business will not grow? because you are not growing. Whenever I find a business that is declining or stagnant, it is often because the owner is declining or stagnant.

Today, we are in the Information Age and more than job security we all need financial security. Unfortunately, our school system teaches us little about the subject of money. Our children will be required to learn much more than we ever did, and much more than schools are prepared to teach them. Cash flow management is an essential life skill and a skill that will require more and more sophistication as we move further into the Information Age.

Watch the historical, long-trends, have a big picture view, and be patient.

What I invest in, while not risky for me, may be too risky for most people.

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Kiyosaki, fully Robert Toru Kiyosaki
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American Businessman, Investor, Financial Literacy Activist, Motivational Speaker and Best-Selling Author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" books