Scottish Proverbs


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Ye're a weedaefu gin hangin time.

Ye're as smaa as the twitter o a twined rash.

Ye're aa blawin like a burstin haggis.

Ye're as souple sark alane as some are mither naked.

Ye're aa grease, but I'm only grushie.

Ye're as stiff as a stappit saster.

Ye're aa made o butter, an sewed wi soor milk.

Ye're aye in a hurry, an aye ahint.

Ye're aa oot o't an into strae.

Ye're best when ye're sleepin.

Ye're aa sae mony minds, ye'll never be mairied.

Ye're black aboot the mou for want o kissin.

Ye're aither ower het or ower cauld, like the miller o Marshach mill.

Ye're bonny eneuch tae them that loe ye, an ower bonny tae them that loe ye an canna get ye.

Ye're ane o Cou-Meek's breed, ye'll stand athoot a bonoch.

Ye're busy seeking the thing that's no tint.

Yer een's yer merchant.

Ye're a foot behint the foremost.

Yer fortune's comin wi the blinnd cairier.

Ye're a guid seeker but a ill finder.

Yer heid canna get up but yer stamack follows.

Ye're a guid seeker but a ill finnder.

Yer mind's aye chasin mice.

Ye're a honest man, an I'm yer uncle-that's twa big lees.

Yer mou's beguiled yer hands.

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