Scottish Proverbs


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Ye're as daft as ye're days auld.

Ye're as fou o maggots as the bride o Preston, that stoppit hauf wey as she gaed tae the kirk.

Ye're a man amang geese when the gander's awa.

Ye're as fou o mischief as a egg's fou o maet.

Ye're a queer fish no tae hae fins.

Ye're as lang tuinin yer pipes as anither wad play a spring.

Ye're a sweet nut if you were well cracked.

Ye're as mim as a Mey puddock.

Ye're a weedaefu gin hangin time.

Ye're as smaa as the twitter o a twined rash.

Ye're aa blawin like a burstin haggis.

Ye're as souple sark alane as some are mither naked.

Ye're aa grease, but I'm only grushie.

Ye're as stiff as a stappit saster.

Ye're aa made o butter, an sewed wi soor milk.

Ye're aye in a hurry, an aye ahint.

Ye're a day efter the fair.

Yer breid's baked, ye can hing up yer girdle.

Ye're a deil an nae cou, like the man's bull.

Yer een's greedier than yer guts.

Ye're a fine sword, qo the fuil tae the wheat braird.

Yer een's no marrows.

Ye're a fit ahint the foremaist.

Yer een's yer merchant.

Ye're a foot behint the foremost.

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