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American Author, Entrepreneur, Marketer and Public Speaker

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You get what you deserve when you embrace the Dip and treat it like the opportunity it really is.

Your outlook is completely due to your worldview.

You can?t fool all the people, not even most of the time. And people, once unfooled, talk about the experience.

You have everything you need to build something far bigger than yourself.

Your personality and attitude are more important than the actual work product you create, because indispensable work is work that is connected to others.

You can?t fool all the people, not even most of the time. People, once unfooled, talk about the experience.

You market when you hire and when you fire. You market when you call tech support and you market every time you send a memo.

Your turn Imagine that the world had no middlemen, no publishers, no bosses, no HR folks, no one telling you what you couldn?t do. If you lived in that world, what would you do? Go. Do that.

You can?t have good ideas unless you?re willing to generate a lot of bad ones.

You weren?t born to be a cog in the giant industrial machine. You were trained to become a cog.

You can?t shrink your way to greatness!

You will never become a category of one if you run with the pack.

What happens when you define a win as getting closer to someone who wants the same thing? Or when you define it as improvement over time? Or in creating trust?

When the room brightens when you walk in, you matter.

While someone can attempt to shame you, shame must also be accepted to be effective. We can?t make you feel shame without your participation.

You are responsible for your own experience.

What is school for? If you're not asking that, you're wasting time and money.

When those in power use shame to bully the weak into compliance, they are stealing from us. They tell us that they will expose our secrets (not good enough, not hardworking enough, not from the right family, made a huge mistake once) and will use the truth to exile us from our tribe. This shame, the shame that lives deep within each of us, is used as a threat. And when those in power use it, they take away part of our humanity.

Who gets to decide what you want?

You become a winner because you?re good at losing.

What most people want in a leader is something that's very difficult to find: we want someone who listens...The secret, Reagan's secret, is to listen, to value what you hear, and then to make a decision even if it contradicts the very people you are listening to. Reagan impressed his advisers, his adversaries, and his voters by actively listening. People want to be sure you hear what they said - they're less focused on whether or not you do what they said.

When times change, the resilience and speed and adaptive ability of the artist will easily outlast the lumbering, brittle industrialist.

Why are you working so hard to bury your natural-born instincts?

You can always succeed for a while with the cheapest, but you earn your place in the market with humanity and leadership.

What people want is the extra, the emotional bonus they get when they buy something they love

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American Author, Entrepreneur, Marketer and Public Speaker