Silvio Pellico


Italian Dramatist, Poet, Writer and Patriot

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There is no virtue in the ground crying.

To believe, it is necessary to want to believe, it is necessary to love very true.

To love humanity, it is necessary to know how to aim, without scandalezzarsi, his weaknesses, his vices.

When thou committed a wrong, not to lie ever to deny or reduce it. Weakness is shameful falsehood. Grant to have incorrect; here is no magnanimity; and shame that will cost the grant, you will yield the praise of 'good.

The truth is God. Amar God and love the truth are the same thing.

The gratitude is the soul of religion, branch of the love, love those who love us, love to human society, from which there are so many security and sweetness.

The performance of duty is so necessary for our good, although the pain and death, which seem to be the most immediate against us, are changed into pleasure for the mind generous man who suffers and dies with the intention to benefit the next.

Everything you learn, t'applica to learn it with as much depth as possible. Studies superficial produce too often mediocre men and presumptuous.

Bella is always a pity to the unfortunate; up to the guilty. The law may have the right to condemn them; the man has never right to exult of their pain, nor to paint with colors of true blacks.

Do not disgrace the sacred name of ' friend, giving it to a man of naught or little virtue.

Do not want you to strain to have friends. It is better not to have any that He should repent of having chosen them with precipitation. But when one n'hai found, honor Him high friendship.

About mind, even if it is not found, the punishment has in himself; he feels that betrays a duty and degrades.

However dear you hold your patrimony, your honor, or even your life, you should be willing to sacrifice all to duty, if you are called upon, to do so.

They know no country, own no lord,
Their home the camp, their law the sword.

Of all the duties, the love of truth, with faith and constancy in it, ranks first and highest. Truth is God. To love God and to love truth are one and the same.

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Italian Dramatist, Poet, Writer and Patriot