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American Author, Medical Doctor, Professional Speaker, Consultant, Management Expert, best known for books titled "Who Moved My Cheese?" and "The One Minute Manager"

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You have to believe that the change may harm you, and that it is essential for you to resist it, or you can think that you've found the new cheese will help you to absorb change and adaptation with him... It all depends on the belief that choose to believe in it.

You cannot always control external events, but you can control your personal peaks and valleys by what you believe and what you do.

You cannot change the past, but you can learn from it. When the same situation arises, you can do things differently and become happier and more effective and successful today.

You change your valley into a peak when you find and use the good that is hidden in the bad time.

You create a peak when you truly follow your sensible vision. Your fear fades and you become more peaceful and successful.

The Present will help you focus on what will make you happy and successful in your work and in your personal life. You may find, like the young man, that The Present is the best gift you can give yourself.

You get out of a valley sooner when you manage to get outside of yourself: at work, by being of greater service, and in life, by being more loving.

Things change and they are never the same again. This looks like one, of those times, Hem. That's life! Life moves on. And so should we.

What do you do if you were not afraid? He knows that a little bit of fear may be useful sometimes, and when they are afraid the things turn for the worse if they did not do anything, so it motivates you to act but be harmful when they are in a state of extreme to do anything.

When he became aware of his unhappiness and of his being in the past, he returned to the present moment. And he was happy. But then the man began to worry about the future. "Will I," he asked, "be able to know the joy of living in the Precious Present tomorrow?" Then he saw he was living in the future and laughed--at himself. He listened to what he now knew. And he heard the wisdom of his own voice. "It is wise for me to think about the past and to learn from it, but it is not wise for me to be in the past, for that is how I lose myself. "It is also wise for me to think about the future, and to prepare for my future, but it is not wise for me to be in the future, for that, too, is how I lose myself. I lose what is precious to me." It was so simple. And now he saw it. The present nourished him. But the man knew it was not going to be easy. Learning to be in the present was a process he was going to have to do over and over, again and again, until it became a part of him. Now he knew why he had enjoyed being with the old man. The old man was totally present when he was with the younger man. The old man was not thinking about something else or wishing that he was somewhere else. He was fully present. And it felt good to be with such a person. The younger man smiled at himself, the way the old man used to smile. He knew. "I can choose to be happy now, or I can try to be happy when. . . or if. . . ."

When I feel guilty over my imperfect past, or I am anxious over my unknown future, I do not live in the present. I experience pain. I make myself ill. And I am unhappy.

When I imagined myself and I enjoy new cheese, even before I find one, I found my way to him.

When moving surpassing feel scared, feel free to

When moving surpassing feeling of fear, you will feel the freedom.

When u stay fully in the present and have felt the pain, and feel drained by it, u can begin to look for what is right, and build on it.

When you see that you can find and enjoy new cheese, you change course.

You already know what the present is, you already know where to find it, and you already know how it can make you happy and successful. You knew it best when you were younger. You have simply forgotten.

You can learn from the past, but it is not wise to be in the past.

The path out of the valley appears when you choose to see things differently.

The present has nothing to do with wishing? When you have the present you will be perfectly content to be where you are. . . The richness of the present comes from its own source... The present is not something that someone gives you? It is something that you give to yourself.

Owning cheese makes you feel happy.

The present is not the past and it is not the future. The present is the present moment! The present is Right Now!

Pain in the present, like everything else, is constantly changing. It will come and go.

The present is what it is. It is valuable. Even I do not know why. It is already just the way it is supposed to be. When I see the present, accept the present, and experience the present, I am well, and I am happy. Pain is simply the difference between what is and what I want it to be.

Picture what a wonderful future would be like. Create a realistic plan to help it happen. Put your plan into action in the present.

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American Author, Medical Doctor, Professional Speaker, Consultant, Management Expert, best known for books titled "Who Moved My Cheese?" and "The One Minute Manager"