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Where there are plenty of trees there are no builders.

Work the clay while it is still wet.

You know that sweetness kills, why have you given me poison?

Your own bad place is far better than your companion's place.

Where there is a will there is a way.

You are blaming the hawk, (while) the falcon is killing the chickens.

You may be angry, but we've skinned the big goat!

Your own small place is not like a big place of your companion.

Where there is finery, there lies the snare.

You are eating with a blind man, do not touch his hand.

You may climb a thorn tree, and be unable to come down.

Where there trees, there are no builders.

You build somebody else's place while yours is falling down.

You see me dozing but I hear whatever you say.

Where there's a will there's a way.

You cannot bring back love or life.

You talk about everything you see, then talk about this one too!

Where they is mourning someone has died.

You cannot cross the ocean by swimming.

You will be troubled with what you have no knowledge of.

Where you have an enemy, you will also surely arid a friend.

You cannot know the bugs of a bed that you have not lain on.

You will go, you will return. Do not be too ambitious.

Where you like it, is where you must go.

You cannot know the defects of a house you have not slept in. Cf. It is the wearer who knows where the shoe pinches.

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