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Where it slopes down is where it slopes up.

Who digs the well should not be refused water.

You cannot know the extent of water in a pond that you have never been to.

You will run short of lemon juice (rubbing), but never will copper turn into gold.

Where there are experts there will be no lack of learners.

Who tells the truth is never wrong.

You cannot know what you can do until you have tried.

You! You'll hurt your soul.

Where there are many (present) there is much (said).

Why drive away fowls from the dung you do not eat yourself?

You do not have the strength to defeat an elephant.

Your bad finger could be useful on a bad day.

Where there are many fowls, millet is not scattered.

With many captains, the ship does not sail properly

You don?t take vengeance on silliness.

Your bad words against me, actually benefit me. When you incite others against me, you actually benefit me.

Where there are many people, there God is

Women: do not fall asleep.

You don?t throw stones at an approaching crackling noise in the bush wait and see what is it first.

Your companion's body is beside (i.e. not a part of) your body.

Where there are many there is much.

Words alone won?t break bones.

You don't see your own bad behavior or that of your family and if you see it you don't hate is as other people do.

Your companion's burden is (no more than) a load of kapok (to you). cf. The burden is light on the shoulder of another.

Where there are many, nothing goes wrong.

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