Swahili Proverbs


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Blood is heavier than water.

Patience pulls (i.e. attracts) success.

Delay so that you may arrive (i.e. reach your destination).

The child (i.e. offspring) of a snake, is (also) a snake (that's to say: evil is inherited).

Donating (money) is only a matter of willingness and not wealth.

The fee/present of (i.e. given by) a person is to talk, (but) a gentleman is deed/action (i.e. a gentleman acts)

Don't insult (the) midwives as long as you are still able to give birth.

The medicine (i.e. antidote) for/against fire is fire.

Don't provoke (the) bees.

The path/route of a liar is short.

Don't throw away a centipede/millipede (together) with its stick.

To spill (scatter) rice in front of chickens.

Education has no end(ing).

Too many cooks spoil the sauce/gravy/broth.

Aiming isn’t hitting.

It is better to build bridges than walls.

Standing is still going.

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