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What the heart likes is like fresh meat.

When evil enters a loving family, that lovely relationship disappears.

When you see them (vessels) afloat, somebody made them.

There is an opportune time for everything.

To aim is not to hit.

Treat your guest as a guest for two days; on the third day, give him a hoe.

Water flows down the valley does not climb the hill.

What the heart loves is a cure for the soul.

When evil enters the door, goodness escapes through the window.

When your Companion is being shaved, put water.

There is no bad patience.

To be loved is not through a love potion but through your good luck.

Truth should be in love and love in truth.

Water follows current. i.e., swim with current.

What the heart loves is what it wants.

When it rains, the one inside does not worry.

When your neighbor's house is on fire, take care of your own.

The very thing you do not want, that is what pleases god.

The heart of your friend is like the hole in a bottle.

The meaning is that if you like somebody you must take that person as is.

The one who loves me, I also love; one who rejects me diminishes my grief.

The poison of a word is - a word.

The traveler [who is determined to go] far, will pass the mountain.

The face mirrors joy and sorrow. The heart's letter is read in the eyes.

The heart of your friend is like the hole in a reed, impossible to enter.

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