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Heaven is not an endless vacation where we sit on clouds wearing haloes and plucking harps forever. Nothing could be more exhausting that eternally doing nothing.

My father said dirt, debt, and the devil were related so I decided to keep away from all three as far as possible.

The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps - we must step up the stairs.

You haven't lost anything when you know where it is. Death can hide but not divide.

His will never lead us where His grace cannot keep us.

Not since Manhattan Island was sold for $24 has there been so much dirt available for so little money as now.

The word Christian ends with IAN and that stands for I Am Nothing. We are zeroes until we relate to him.

I find myself wondering how John the Baptist would have address the Rotary Club in Bethel or how John the Baptist would behave before a Monday Minister’s meeting.

Nothing else can be as good as the blessing God has for you.

There's a price to pay to be a holy man of God. You have to buck the current because the tide's running the other way.

If I could strike on note on the piano it would be natural.

Opportunity brings opposition.

Time is one thing it does take to be holy. When we’re too busy for that we’re too busy.

If there had been a social gospel in the days of the prodigal son, somebody would have given him a bed and a sandwich and he never would have gone home.

Our happy whiles here are but a foretaste of forevers to come.

Today church life runs from rigor mortis to St.Vitus.

A country boy can learn city ways, but the city boy cannot learn country ways.

If they had a social gospel in the days of the prodigal son, somebody would have given him a bed and a sandwich and he never would have gone home.

Plenty of church members are shaky about what they believe, while not many are shaken by what they believe.

Too many church services start at eleven sharp and end at twelve dull.

A man is not the sum total of what he thinks in his head and does with his hands, but what he is in his heart.

If we could answer all the whys we would not need faith.

Some preachers ought to put more fire into their sermons, or more sermons into the fire.

Too many churches start at eleven o'clock sharp, and end at twelve o'clock dull. You will never see revival in a comfortable church.

A soft and sheltered Christianity, afraid to be lean and lone, unwilling to face the storms and brave the heights, will end up fat and foul in the cages of conformity.

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