Victor Hugo


French Author, Poet, Novelist and Dramatist, one of the best-known French Romantic Writers

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The beautiful has but one type, the ugly has a thousand.

The conflict between Right and Fact goes back to the dawn of society. To bring it to an end, uniting the pure thought with human reality, peacefully causing Right to pervade Fact and Fact to be embedded in Right, this is the task of wise men.

The greatest blunders, like the thickest ropes, are often compounded of a multitude of strands. Take the rope apart, separate it into the small threads that compose it, and you can break them one by one. You think, "That is all there was!" But twist them all together and you have something tremendous.

The ideal and the beautiful are identical; the ideal corresponds to the idea, and beauty to form; hence idea and substance are cognate.

The ode lives upon the ideal, the epic upon the grandiose, the drama upon the real.

The Republic is, in my opinion, the only rational form of government, the only one worthy of the nations.

The true sovereignty is that of the intellect.

There are fathers who do not love their children, but there is no grandfather who does not adore his grandson.

There is a sacred horror about everything grand. It is easy to admire mediocrity and hills; but whatever is too lofty, a genius as well as a mountain, an assembly as well as a masterpiece, seen too near, is appalling.

There remains to-day but a very imperceptible vestige of the Place de Grève, such as it existed then; it consists in the charming little turret, which occupies the angle north of the Place, and which, already enshrouded in the ignoble plaster which fills with paste the delicate lines of its sculpture, would soon have disappeared, perhaps submerged by that flood of new houses which so rapidly devours all the ancient façades of Paris.

The beautiful is a necessity...To scatter joy, to beam with happiness, to possess amid sombre things an exhalation of light, to be the gilding of destiny, to be harmony, to be grace, to be prettiness, is to render a service. Beauty does one good by being beautiful.

The convent, which belongs to the West as it does to the East, to antiquity as it does to the present time, to Buddhism and Muhammadanism as it does to Christianity, is one of the optical devices whereby man gains a glimpse of infinity.

The greatest happiness on earth is to help a friend; the next greatest is to be helped by him.

The ideal is nothing but the culmination of logic, just as beauty is the apex of truth.

The omnipotence of evil has never resulted in anything but fruitless efforts. Our thoughts always escape from whoever tries to smother them.

The scholar's mouth that compliments another scholar is a jar of poisoned honey.

The turbulent seesawing of all these minds at liberty and at work set his thoughts in a whirl. Sometimes, in the confusion, they roamed so far he had some difficulty finding them again.

There are many lovely women, but no perfect ones.

There is a way of falling into error while on the way to truth.

There shall be no slavery of the mind.

The beautiful is as useful as the useful. More so, perhaps.

The countenance is above all things a reflection, and it is an error to believe that an idea is colorless.

The greatest products of architecture are less the works of individuals than of society; rather the offspring of a nation's effort, than the inspired flash of a man of genius.

The intolerance of the tolerant exists, as well as the rage of the moderates

The only form of simplicity recognized by art is the simplicity that is profound.

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French Author, Poet, Novelist and Dramatist, one of the best-known French Romantic Writers