Yajur Veda, or Yajurveda

Veda, or Yajurveda

Ancient Vedic Text, One of the four Canonical Texts of Hinduism, a Tatpurusha Compound of Yajus meaning "Sacrificial Formula" and "Knowledge"

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By behaving good we give joy and happiness to others.

May all the radiance unify and increase in magnitude.

One should shun all his negative qualities and destructive tendencies.

The sun rises and sets on time and sheds it's light without discriminating against anybody.

Wealth and prosperity determines man's status and capability in the society and so it has it's own importance which cannot be overlooked.

By emulating learned ones can one attain wisdom necessary to discriminate between evil and good. These great souls have attained knowledge after great contemplation and hence their wisdom is unquestionable.

May our mind be inclined towards virtuous deeds, acquiring strength and long-life! May we continue to see the glorious sight of Rising Sun for eternity!

One should try to do everything that is required to make the body pure and radiant- regular exercise, self-study, etc. Anybody who does this is blessed with long-life and radiance.

The ultimate objective of human life is to be free from sin.

You are the one who inspire everybody to do his duty; I am inspired by your 'inspiration of duty'; You are directly or indirectly involved with each and every action that takes place in this world.

Do not tremble in fear but become strong and courageous instead.

May the 'Lord of the speech' makes our voice sweet and soft. We should always be soft spoken.

Only a fearless person can work towards self-development and can also help in social and political development. Therefore one should fearlessly perform all his duties.

The Vedas contain all the knowledge . Bless me with this knowledge just as you have blessed the deities.

You should make incessant efforts not only for your own but for the benefit of others.

Everybody should practice simple and virtuous living . They should never seek recourse to manipulative tendencies.

May we progress by treading on that virtuous path which is worth treading and where there is no fear of destruction.

Only actions performed with perseverance can ensure success.

There will be problems in married life if there is a lack of mutual understanding and co-ordination between husband and wife or if any of them does not perform his/her duties.

You should put your utmost efforts. I know that, you are the benefactor of brilliant scholars, who are endowed with virtuous qualities.

Good thought can be imbibed by reading and studying good books and by contemplating on them.

May your mind be always filled with supreme thoughts and you act benevolently.

Only by doing so one shall be able to lead a simple life full of growth and progress.

Those who lead disciplined and orderly lifestyles they achieve all their goals and progress.

Your morality is impeccable and that is why I am inspired by you.

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Veda, or Yajurveda

Ancient Vedic Text, One of the four Canonical Texts of Hinduism, a Tatpurusha Compound of Yajus meaning "Sacrificial Formula" and "Knowledge"