Yajur Veda, or Yajurveda

Veda, or Yajurveda

Ancient Vedic Text, One of the four Canonical Texts of Hinduism, a Tatpurusha Compound of Yajus meaning "Sacrificial Formula" and "Knowledge"

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Herbs (medicines),while descending down from heaven to earth proclaimed those who eat us, are never destroyed.

O men, the one who enhance their strength, please bless us with knowledge of all kinds.

Speech emanating from a pure heart and mind of learned men and scholars are naturally pure just like water of a river.

We can earn love and respect of other's if we are good to them.

A healthy body and a sound mind is necessary to achieve success in life.

Husband and wife are advised to shun negative qualities such as fear, weakness, etc. and become strong, enthusiastic and optimistic so that peace and happiness prevail at home.

O pioneer Deities ! knowing the path of truth, tread on it. Only by acquiring knowledge from the Vedas can one know the path of truth and righteousness.

Sweet talks has the ability to attract one and all. On the contrary vitriolic speech keeps people away.

We should always try to follow that virtuous path, which is free from obstacles and hurdles because this is necessary for the successful accomplishment of the work. This also leads to progress and prosperity.

A man should tread on the path of truth for not only his own but for the benediction of entire humanity.

If we take the opinion of experts of that field and follow his advises there are every chance of accomplishing that work easily and without much problem. Therefore we should follow such a path that leads to happiness and where there is no fear of going astray.

O Woman! May you be blessed with physical and mental strength, so that you become free from the unnecessary fear of your husband.

The commoners can become knowledgeable only by emulating the senior scholars who are more knowledgeable and by following their sayings and teachings.

We should avoid speaking unpleasant things which our heart and mind do not approve of. This means to say that one should speak twice before speaking.

A pure heart is all that one needs to perform good deeds.

If we try our hand at something of which we have no knowledge and experience then failures and disappointments are inevitable.

One enlightens the other and knowledge increases.

The deities acquired knowledge from the Vedas and human beings too should emulate the deities and acquire knowledge in the same manner.

We should imbibe inspiring thoughts and should follow the righteous path. If this is done then progress is sure and certain.

A radiant personality invariably proves that there is an intense spiritual fire burning within.

Ignorant and naïve people should try to acquire maximum knowledge from the knowledgeable ones.

One should always aspire for increment of strength, food and long life because each of them is dependent on other.

The desire to implement the thoughts into actions is natural.

We should speak only after our thoughts have been purified and our mind and heart have become pure.

A teacher gives knowledge to his student and enlightens him.

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Veda, or Yajurveda

Ancient Vedic Text, One of the four Canonical Texts of Hinduism, a Tatpurusha Compound of Yajus meaning "Sacrificial Formula" and "Knowledge"