Great Throughts Treasury

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Abraham Isaac Kook

Jewish Mystic, Zionist and Rabbi

"Death is an illusion; its ritual uncleanness is the symbol of falsehood. What people call death is the intensification and reinvigoration of life."

"The higher the truth the simpler it is."

"How shall man obtain conception of the majesty of the Divine...? Through the expansion of his scientific faculties; through the liberation of his imagination...; through the disciplined study of the world and of life; through the cultivation of a rich, multifarious sensitivity to every phase of being. All these desiderata require obviously the study of all the branches of wisdom, all the philosophies of life, all the ways of the diverse civilizations and doctrines of ethics and religion in every nation and tongue."

"The soul sings all the time; joy and sweetness are her garments; high-minded tenderness envelops her."

"It is our right to hate an evil man for his actions, but because his deepest self is the image of God, it is our duty to honor him with love."

"Faith is the song of life. Woe to him who wishes to rob life of its splendid poetry. The whole mass of prosaic literature and knowledge is of value only when it is founded on the perception of the poetry of life."

"The uniqueness of the inner soul, in its own authenticity – this is the highest expression of the seed of divine light, the light planted for the righteous, from which will bud and blossom the fruit of the tree of life."