Great Throughts Treasury

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Bahya ben Joseph ibn Pakuda NULL

Judge Rabbinical Court in Muslim Spain

"Repentance begins with humility."

"No sin is too big for God to pardon, and none is too small for habit to magnify."

"Study from love, and honor will follow."

"What is trust? Tranquillity of soul in the one who trusts... Who trusts in God fears no man."

"He who trusts in God is able to remove his attention from worldly anxieties and devote it entirely to doing what is right. For in the peace of his soul and liberty of his mind, and in the disappearance of his anxieties about worldly matters, he is like an alchemist who knows how to turn tin into silver and silver into gold."

"Every man's enemy is within himself."

"If the mind be not quite pure, the actions can't be acceptable."

"No deed is perfect without the impulse of the soul."

"Prayer without the heart is like a body without a spirit."

"If you want to praise, praise God. If you want to blame, blame yourself."

"The main purpose of precepts performed with our bodies and limbs is to arouse our attention to those performed with the heart and mind, which are the pillars of the service of God."

"The ultimate result of your knowledge of God should be the conviction that of His real essence you are completely ignorant."

"Words are the shell, meditation the kernel. Words are the body of prayer, and meditation its spirit."