Great Throughts Treasury

A database of quotes

Baird T. Spalding

American Writer including Spiritual Book Series: Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East

"A child has not yet been hypnotized by the world idea of limitation and lives naturally in harmony with its source. That is why most grown people love to be with children. They radiate the natural harmony of the Universe and that is the natural environment of man."

"Children are happy because they live life abundantly. They put no limitations upon life whatever. The moment we put limitation upon life we cease to life abundantly. There is not a limiting condition in life. Life could not limit itself. It could not be kept away except through your own attitude of thought toward it."

"Always keep the mind clear for that one thing which you MUST accomplish – not that which you WILL. That keeps the mind clear."

"A smile will always bring forth a smile."

"Each man’s nature in one way and another is vitally associated with the life and well-being of every other individual in the world and what affects one must in some degree affect the rest of humanity."

"Forget the past, do not try to project yourself into the future for now is the only acceptable time. You are in eternity now."

"Life is eternal. There is not a thing in existence that does not have life. All planets are alive. Everything has life. The rock has life."

"Man in his right domain is limitless, knows no limit of time or space."

"Man’s greatest mistake is in trying to become God instead of simply being. He has been looking for something that is right within himself."

"No two individuals have the same vision of life. It is said that only children and sages are happy because the child has not developed a material sense of value and the same knows that the material has no value. To them form is not the point of consideration but living life."

"Size is nothing to the Infinite. The atom is as perfect as the solar system."

"The greatest name is the word “God.” Why? We can show you today that word vibrates at the rate of one hundred and eighty-six billion beats a second and we know people capable of intoning that word. But the beauty of it is, the moment that you realize that vibration, you are that vibration every time."

"The greatest thing that we can do is to see the divinity in every face, in every form."

"Spirit and mind are synonymous. They are one and the same in vibratory influence."

"The more receptive one is, the more one receives."

"The effectiveness of one’s life is not so much in what he does but in how he does it and how he does it is determined by the degree of himself he has discovered."

"The more you impress the truth upon the subconscious by love and worship, the more it will send it back to you. This is where you are the master. For, by forgiving the untruths and letting go of them, you will find that you have mastered them. You are above and beyond them; they are forgiven and forgotten."

"The object of this life is not death but a greater expression of life."

"The only difference between men of great achievement and those who remain in mediocrity is that the great pay little attention to what has been done and what obstacles or apparent reasons may stand in the way of achievement but devote themselves to contemplating what can or ought to be done. Those who allow their mental and emotional natures to recoil, refusing to let this sense reach out into the undiscovered, destroy their own capabilities and this keeps them always in the prison house of limitation. But it should be noted that prison is only the recoil or reflex of their own nature. Genius is that which goes on through conditions and circumstances and keeps eternally in the process of expansion and extension of achieving power."

"There is no fate save that which we allow ourselves allow."

"Words are things. Thoughts are things. Where your thoughts are, you are. When we learn to discipline and control our thoughts and feelings, and use only the positive, constructive words, sent forth with divine love, our body and mind respond to that righteousness – right-use-ness. The right use and selection of words is of vital importance but equally important is the feeling behind those words, for feeling is the motivating power that makes the words live."

"We know of four different languages today where there is not a negative word in the language, there is not a word in the past tense, or a word in the future; tense. All is here and now. Negative words, feelings, conditions have absolutely no power except what we individually give to them. The moment we cease feeding our energy into them they no longer have life, and thus they cease to exist."

"When we all know the Truth and it is rightly interpreted, truly is it not one and all from the same source? Are we not all one with the universal mind substance, God? Are we not all one great family?"