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Beaumont and Fletcher, Francis Beaumont (c.1585-1614) and John Fletcher

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"Hunger is sharper than the sword."

"Is there no constancy in earthy things? No happiness in us, but what must alter? No life, without the heavy load of fortune? What miseries we are, and to ourselves? Ev’n then when full content seems to sit by us, what daily sores and sorrows."

"Nothing is a misery, unless our weakness apprehend it so; we cannot be more faithful to ourselves, in anything that’s manly, than to make ill-fortune as contemptible to us as it makes us to others."

"Nothing is thought rare which is not new, and followed; yet we know that what was worn some twenty years ago comes into grace again."

"The greatest attribute of Heaven is mercy."

"There is an hour in each man's life appointed to make his happiness, if then he seize it."

"To have been happy adds to calamity."

"Calamity is man's true touchstone."

"Discretion and hardy valor are the twins of honor, and, nursed together, make a conqueror; divided, but a talker."

"Equality is no rule in Love’s grammar."

"Discretion, the best part of valor."

"Honest minds are pleased with honest things."