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Bhartrihari NULL

Indian Hindu Poet and Philosopher

"If a man be covetous, what further vice can he have?"

"What virtue is beyond generosity?"

"The constant man does not lose his courage in misfortune. A torch may point toward the ground, but its flame will soar upwards."

"If a man has anger in his heart, what further enemy need he fear?"

"The wise man, before beginning an action, looks carefully to the end."

"There is no friend like industry: cultivate it, and you will never fail."

"What is the most perfect happiness? Staying at home."

"Time never grows old but our life passes away."

"Wisdom is the most precious ornament that a man possesses."

"Silence, the special ornament of the ignorant in the assembly of the wise."

"Everything on earth gives cause for fear, and the only freedom from fear is to be found in the renunciation of all desire."

"Knowledge is wonderful and truth serene, but man in their service bleeds."