Great Throughts Treasury

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Bibhuti Mazumder


"Death is the reality of the impermanence of existence."

"Happiness comes from the fulfillment of our physical, mental, and spiritual needs. It comes from the virtues and of being useful to others. It comes from forgiveness, charity, and all the noble acts that activate peace of mind and trigger joy. Happiness is not a commercial commodity available for buying or selling."

"Life is an expression of a timeless, changeless Spirit which was never born, will not grow old and will never die."

"If you pursue happiness as the ultimate goal of your living, you will be drifting away from happiness and your real being. Happiness is not a transcendental state of mind that is very difficult to have. It is the joyful expression of enlightened mind and is born of unconditional love."

"If you want joy and happiness, serve others with what you cherish most… Life expands or shrinks in proportion to the act of giving."

"Love is the creative power of the universe that manifests as strength and beauty. To love is to know God and the inmost nature of the ultimate Reality… Love is letting go of fear and worry… Love consecrates life… By letting go of separateness we see love as the reflection of our own self and harmony in the inconsistencies and imperfections of the existence and explore joy in the midst of the pains and problems of life."

"Prayer is the best means to uplift our consciousness from the imprisonment of personal gratification to the oneness and union with all beings. Prayer consecrates all our actions, removes ignorance, and leads us to an expanded vision of who we really are and feel the richness of life."

"The body is mortal but the changeless Spirit within is immortal. It pervades the universe and is indestructible. No one has the power to change the changeless."

"The degradation of our society today stems mainly from the lack of awareness of what is within us. Being ignorant of our true nature, we seek external solutions to the problems rooted within. In our search for security and prosperity we have abandoned ourselves and are constantly drifting away from human values and virtues."

"The quality of a person’s life is directly proportional to the degree of responsibility he takes for his own life and the commitment he makes to change for the better. Don’t be afraid of pains and sufferings. They are divine gifts for our growth."

"Your are what you are thinking. Happiness is a by-product of this endeavor."