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This site is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Alan William Smolowe who gave birth to the creation of this database.

Blanche DeVries Bernard

American Yoga Instructor, Eastern Philosophy Teacher, Patroness of the Arts and Interior Designer, Greta Smolowe's mentor

"Learning to say a simple 'thank you' and not feel obligated to 'repay' gifts and kindnesses is a major part of the maturing process, my dear."

"The first and last lesson of Yoga is the attitude of mind and heart. The aim of Yoga is to unite mind, body, spirit. The reward of yoga practice is the conversion of physical energy into mind power. The practices give a definite sense of control and raise the levels of consciousness awareness. These practices are not to be done competitively, to exhibit to one's friends, to expand the ego. While each of us, according to our temperament, must find the best mental approach, it should be one of self-surrender. Quiet, but joyful. Concentrated. Never strained. Outer control of the body is a means of regulating the inner functioning."

"Why are you mad at me? I haven't done anything nice for you today?"

"Yoga is not a philosophy though its practice will lead the way to a life that is philosophical. It is not a religion and it is not confined to any particular creed or dogma. There is no "instant Nirvana"...or instant ANYthing. One works hard for what one gets out of Yogic studies."

"Each day, say ‘thank you’ for being alive. Each day, take responsibility for your physical performance. Each day, be careful of human nature [your own and others’]. Each day, behold the wonder of Mother nature."

"A real teacher can never run dry because he continually learns from each and every experience, not filled with likes and dislikes, bur desire through learning to evolute whatever he touches. A correct teacher of Yoga is not one who discusses it, but who is it."

"Smiling is good for the facial muscles--and the other fellow. Laughing is good for the liver and breathing. Be sure you do your share of laughing and smiling."

"Are you the servant of time? Are you aware of time? Time devours us all. How much time are you wasting on little thoughts and personalities? Time can be best understood by meditating on the Solar System... on outer space... and on you"

"The teacher must step back and review each day as a student, always feeling that there is more and more to learn, love appreciate. -- Be in this world, but not of it... Everything comes back on the Universal clock of time... everything. Memorize the aphorism that irrelevancy of circumstance is the highest wisdom of life... Your 'balance' is your ammunition; one should not fire it, but rather maintain it."

"Never expect anything from others, and you will never be disappointed."