Great Throughts Treasury

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Chazon Ish, named Rabbi Avraham Yeshayahu Karelitz

Named Rabbi Avraham Yeshayahu Karelitz, Worldwide Authority on Jewish Law, Talmudic Author

"A person who lives with a constant awareness of the Almighty will live a life of constant happiness."

"All beginnings are difficult, but there is nothing that stands in the way when you have a strong will to accomplish. The essential thing is to be sincerely resolved to be successful."

"At times, laziness is the root of taking action. When we feel an urge to give in to a desire, we might hear a whisper telling us that something is not right. Laziness, however, prevents us from fighting that desire and we give in to our bad habit."

"In the eyes of a wise person, illusory honor is very cheap. Wisdom enables a person to live a life of light and elevation, enabling him to leave pettiness behind."

"Physical pleasures can give a person pleasure and happiness to some degree, but this cannot compete with the elevated pleasure that one can derive when one toils in wisdom."

"There are no accidents in the world, and whatever happens is because of the Almighty’s decree."

"There is no greater joy for a wise man than the joy of improving his character traits."