Great Throughts Treasury

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Christopher Henry Dawson

English Independent Scholar, who wrote many books on cultural history and Christendom

"The great moral reformers have usually found the greatest opposition not in the “immoral” and impulsive individual, but in the regularly constituted organs of social authority and law."

"It is from the very element of the eternal and the unlimited, which the materialist seeks to deny, that the true progress of the human race has sprung."

"Only man is capable of separating himself alike from God and from nature, and making himself his last end and living a purely self-regarding and irreligious existence."

"The great fault of modern democracy - a fault that is common to the capitalist and the socialist - is that it accepts economic wealth as the end of society and the standard of personal happiness."

"The highest moral ideal either for a people or for an individual is to be true to its destiny... to leave the known for the unknown."

"Religion has its origin in the depths of the soul and it can be understood only by those who are prepared to take the plunge."

"Difference of rite ought not to involve differences of faith."