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Dubner Magid, name for Rabbi Jacob ben wolf Krantz

Lithuanian-born Russian Rabbi, Teacher on Morals and Ethics, Torah Scholar and Master Orator

"A major cause of many people’s sadness is their lack of attaining things they could live without."

"A person whose major goal in life is spiritual growth feels love for anyone who suggests ways he can improve."

"A soft reply turns away anger."

"It is a wise man’s good sense to be slow to anger, and his glory to pass over a transgression."

"Skill can transform negative traits into virtues."

"The honor-seeker does not study wisdom to become wiser. Rather his goal is to show off how wise he is. This is an attribute of a fool."

"When a person has a large amount of any pleasure, he becomes accustomed to it and no longer feels enjoyment. If, however, a person is only able to obtain a small amount, he greatly appreciates it."