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Eli Pariser

Chief Executive of Upworthy, a web site for viral meaningful content, left-wing political and internet activist, board president of and co-founder of

"Personalization is based on a bargain. In exchange for the service of filtering, you hand large companies an enormous amount of data about your daily life--much of which you might not trust your friends with."

"1973 Fair Information You should know who has your personal data, what data they have, and how it is used. You should be able to prevent information collected about you for one purpose from being used for others. You should be able to correct inaccurate information about you. - Your data should be secure. While it's illegal to use Brad Pitt's image to sell a watch without his permission, Facebook is free to use your name to sell one to your friends. "

"Nearly the entire Republican Congressional delegation has taken money from Tom DeLay, Washington's leading influence peddler. He's ground zero in Congress' culture of corruption. Apparently this hasn't dawned on them yet, or they don't care. Most of them are still hanging on to the money."

"Michael Brown taught us that vital national positions must be filled with qualified candidates, not political friends with little experience."

"America can't afford a Supreme Court justice -- let alone a chief justice -- with Roberts' record of eroding the rights of workers and turning back the clock on civil rights. There's no mistaking that he's a stealth right-wing candidate."

"The creativity and ingenuity that have driven the Internet have always relied on an open platform where the haves and have-nots get treated equally. This e-mail tax system is a big step toward dismantling that system."

"My position isn’t that personalization is bad overall, it’s that we need to be careful about how it’s done. Google could do a lot more to explain its philosophy about this, without making it super easy to boost your search rankings. People need to be able to decide when they use these tools."

"This is a big moment. We're coming together from across the spectrum to protect the principles that are core to our identity as Americans."

"Together, we can answer this question. If you've been holding off on contributing to a presidential campaign, now's the time to jump in. We have a Democratic nominee, and he needs our support today."

"We are always on the lookout for interesting initiatives that leverage technology to get people involved. Maybe we're not looking in the right places . . . but I haven't seen another approach exactly like it. If this works, obviously, we would be interested in helping expand it beyond Colorado."

"There is no information to indicate she meets the high bar necessary for the next justice on the Supreme Court."

"We're on the wrong track in Iraq. As many of our most distinguished former generals and anti-terrorism experts now observe, our occupation makes a political solution impossible by fueling the insurgents."

"We believe this is a diversion that Tom DeLay and his lawyer have cooked up to distract from his serious legal problems and presumably that is what Mr. Earle is interested in showing."

"We need to fix the Bush prescription drug plan that subsidizes big pharmaceutical companies at the expense of senior citizens. We need to stop the oil companies from obscene profiteering, which reduces the standard of living for so many Americans. As usual, this Administration prescribes the same quack medicine for all our ailments: tax breaks for the richest Americans and the largest, most profitable corporations."

"We're working hard to broaden the 2006 battlefield. As more and more people realize that the House is up for grabs, that'll open the floodgates in terms of energy and support from our members."