Great Throughts Treasury

A database of quotes

Eliyahu de Vidas,

Rabbi, Disciple of Rabbis Moses ben Jacob Cordovero (known as the Ramak) and also Isaac Luria known for his work in the Kabbalah

"Envy causes harmful physiological reactions. An envious person always feels sad and miserable."

"When your property or possessions sustain some damage or loss, work on yourself to accept the Almighty’s judgment with love. Realize you were born without any belongings and you will eventually leave the world without belongings. You need not identify with your possessions since they are not an integral part of you."

"When you are suffering, be especially careful not to become angry. At such times you are likely to have a tendency to become angry easily."

"If you are angry at someone, try to avoid looking at him while you are angry and you will calm down much faster."

"Set aside an amount of money that you will give away if you become angry. Be sure it is a sufficient amount of money to make you think twice before becoming angry."