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Ezer Weizman

Israeli Military and Political Leader, President of Israel, Commander of the Israeli Air Force and Minster of Defense

"Anyone who says he is not emotional is not getting what he should out of life."

"A real changing of the generations."

"For the Fink and Alsheikh families there were pressures and pain and sorrow for many, many years. Today they've reached some comfort in that at least there will be a grave,"

"I feel good the file is closed... There are things here and there which I will note."

"Give it a kick at the right place and it'll work."

"King Hussein was one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century, a brave soldier who fought for peace, a clever man, warm-hearted and the symbol of good neighborly relations,"

"Leave my image alone... I will behave as I think I should and I will not change anything."

"The strikes hurt the daily lives of the citizens badly, and damage public order... We would hope that all is being done to solve the problems."

"We have a country that is in a very delicate situation."

"Jerusalem has been at the heart of the Jewish people throughout all the generations, ... It is the city of judges of Israel, the kings of Israel, and the prophets of Israel; the source of pride of the state of Israel."

"This really makes me furious... We have a country that is in a very delicate situation."