Great Throughts Treasury

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Ferdinand Lundberg

American Economist and Journalist who studied the history of American wealth and power

"The dependence upon corporate advertising of the mass media – newspapers, magazines, radio and television – makes them editorially subservient, without in any way being prompted, to points of view known or thought to be favored by the big property owners… The willing subservience shows itself most generally, apart from specific acts of omission or commission, in an easy blandness on the part of the mass media toward serious social problems."

"The essence of [the “con game”] consists of an approach to a formally respectable person with an offer of great gain to be made by engaging in an operation that is safe but frankly shady. In the end the person being “conned” is tricked through is own illicit greed."

"Apologists for the profession contend that lawyers are as honest as other men, but that is not very encouraging."

"After the J.P. Morgan bloc, the Rockefellers have the most advertising of any group to dispose of. And when advertising alone is not sufficient to insure the fealty of a newspaper, the Rockefeller companies have been known to make direct payments in return for a friendly editorial attitude."