Great Throughts Treasury

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Frances E. Vaughan

American Psychologist, Author, Educator, Editor on Psychology and Spiritual Growth

"When intuition is developed, it should lead the way into the unknown, with slower-moving reason following behind, evaluating the appropriateness of intuitive insights and inspirations along the way. Thus intuition might inspire us to embark on a new path through life, but rationality can help us with everyday decision-making as we struggle to manifest our vision."

"The future need not be a repetition of the past. Frequently one is caught by a paucity of imagination which conceives of the future only in terms of rearranging past events or experiences that are already known. Persistent attempts to explain the unknown in terms of what is already known, can lead to blind repetition of unsatisfactory patterns that limit growth and restrict possibilities."

"Maintaining an attitude of playfulness may at first seem inappropriate for problem-solving, but intuitive problem-solving is basically a creative process, and is more easily activated when critical judgment is suspended."