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Gabriel Riesser

German Statesman, Philosopher, Lawyer, Judge and Advocate for Jewish Emancipation of German Jewry

"May those who represent advanced views bear in mind that true wisdom is always joined with mildness, that malice never converts the erring but strengthens him in his attitude, and that it is very unfitting to combat error (so long as this does not assume the aspect of injustice) with the weapons of hatred."

"Nobody has ever obtained the esteem of others by begging for it. The prerequisite for the esteem of others is self-esteem."

"Jews want to distinguish themselves from their fellow-citizens in no respect except through their own inherited of freely chosen form of worship... The state has the undeniable right to demand the fulfillment of general civic duties as a condition for granting civic rights; but there is no state in Germany in which Jews would not be ready to accept these duties and burdens."