Great Throughts Treasury

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Gerald Heard

British Historian, Science Writer, Educator and Philosopher

"Prayer… is… a technique for contacting and learning to know Reality… the exploration of Reality by exploring the Beyond, which is within."

"These cases . . . teach us the immense importance of Right Knowledge. Love is not enough unless it is complete love; that is, understanding as well as attachment, comprehension as well as compassion, intelligent interest as well as emotive affection. We must grasp what the process is, of which we are the growing edge. "

"Faith, in fact, is right knowledge. For faith is not believing something which our intelligence denies. It is the choice of the nobler hypothesis. Faith is the resolve to place the highest meaning on the facts which we observe. "

"For love is the power to feel for ever remoter lives; truth, to elucidate wider and more complex correspondences and relationships between the laws of his own mind and the Universe around him; and beauty, to apprehend higher and profounder harmonies in the world; until there is nothing that he can perceive which he cannot appreciate."

"There is meaning, and that meaning can be found. The way to that meaning is through tender loving kindness, for the open mind depends upon the open heart. "

"When love and understanding wholly replace greed and fear, then the illusion of time is conquered."

"The really possible utopia is this world experienced by a psychophysique at full aperture. "