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Giovani Ruffini

Italian Novelist

"Selfishness, if but reasonably tempered with wisdom, is not such an evil trait."

"More people laugh at us that with us, however it may appear at the moment."

"Ranks and riches are chains of gold, but still chains."

"The teacher is like the candle which lights others in consuming itself."

"Anxiety never yet successfully bridged any chasm."

"Offended self-love never forgives."

"When a judge is unjust he is no longer a judge but a transgressor."

"However tiny the mass, it plays its part int the balance of the stars. Thus in a way that only Thy mind, O Lord, can perceive and measure, the slightest movement of my little pen running across the paper is connected with the motions of the spheres, and contributes to, and is a part thereof. The same takes place in the world of intellect. Ideas live and have their most complex adventures in that world of intellect, a world immeasurably superior to the material world; a world united and compact also in its vast, plenteous, and most varied complexity. As in the material and intellectual worlds, so it is in the infinitely greater moral world."