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Guiraut de Borneilh

French Troubadour connected to the castle of the viscount of Limoges

"Love is perfect kindness, which is born - there is no doubt - from the heart and eyes. The eyes make it blossom; the heart matures it."

"I could easily make it more obscure, but a song's merit is not complete when all are not partners in it."

"Fair friend, in singing I call you: Sleep no longer, for I hear the bird sing Who goes seeking day through the wood And I fear that the jealous one will attack you, And soon it will be dawn!"

"For I think that it's just as much good sense, if one can keep to the point, as to twist my words round each other."

"Fair, gentle friend, I’ve found so dear a home I wish that dawn might never come again; the loveliest lady ever born of woman Lies in my arms, and I care not a straw For jealous fool or dawn!"